Celine and Sia

2013/09/11 11:30AM Canada (English)

Sia Furler who co-wrote Celine’s new single “Loved Me Back To Life” spent some time with Celine backstage at the Ellen DeGeneres Show. Watch Celine’s appearance today on Ellen!

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beautiful picture! <3 Smile

What a cute photo! Smile

Please, don't listen to the jealous people.
Let their hearts burn.
I love you, more than always.
I'm yours.
Take care of your properties!

Your car is fine.
Just Your gas tank has been empty.
How wish you were at the gas station.
You would take the nozzle and full it up!

I rather liked her performance on Ellen. I also enjoyed her candid interview. I am eager to see Celine in more interviews to promote the new single and upcoming album. Celine has a raw and commanding voice during her live performances. She did not disappoint!

To anyone commenting on Celines voice!
It's clear from the interview Celine isn't 100 per cent feeling good at the moment as she was at the doctor before the show.
Not everyone can be 100 per cent the whole time, and considering she was sick I think her performance was great. She didn't have to sing live but she did.
There is nothing wrong with Celines voice , it was only a few months ago we got an amazing performance in Quebec, lets not forget that.
It's been a very busy few days of promo , alot of talking etc so I hope there is time in her schedule to rest up.
Get well soon Celine

Happy that they become friends! Smile
@ucrazybeautifu... (CM): At the Ellen show Celine said that she went to the doctor cause she had a little sore throat and she wanted to make sure that everything was all right!
I agree with you that at the Ellen show Celine did not sing at her best, she was a little sick, hope the other performances will be better and above all I hope Celine will feel better. She's using her voice so much in this period and with the stress of the new album I understand if she's not at her 100%...


Love the performance on Ellen Today, you were also sooo funny, it became the Celine show Smile


Dear Celine
Seat back and relax.
I never hurt you.
I'm a homeless like the wind.
I stay here just for you.
Believe in me.

I am also an avid fan of Celine for 20 years already and what made me very sad is that years have worn-out her voice tremendously. When I watched her performance at the Jimmy’s show, the performance is awesome because its live, but the only thing that crosses my mind is “there’s a crack”. I love Celine and she has enormously changed my life and have become one of the most important person in my life that have influences my personality and it will always remain that way till’ the world ends. I know that she can do better than that but I believe we all share the same common thought that Celine is now just singing her heart out and not singing her label out (if you guys know what I mean about it, so don’t get me wrong with it), and she even admits it to one of her interviews not so long ago (just don’t remember to which). I have been dreaming of one day Celine will be able to have that same achievement or even surpassed her glorious days and proved that she is still the singer that people know of her, the voice that will go on. And then, a couple of days ago, I just realized, she don’t need to prove herself, she don’t need to have more awards, she don’t need to sell (even her previous albums still sells a lot), she don’t need her name to be at the top of the headlines everywhere, simply because she have established that already. When people (a fan or not, a like or a hate) mentioned her name, everyone is aware that we are talking of a legend that have proved herself and contributed so much in the music history, more than enough to established her name CELINE DION. As David Foster said “the voice that is hard to found but can easily identified”.-- but for me, her voice is still and will always be marvelous!

I've loved her performance on Ellen!!!!

Je t'aime Céline! <3

She sounded good to me and I have seen her live on August 28th in Vegas and she sang perfectly.
You do have to remember she is not 20 or 30 anymore. Don't worry she won't fade out I can guarantee you that.
Ps. Don't forget she is human too Smile

I just watched the performance on Ellen. I really don't know what to say. Don't let her sing live anymore when she sounds like this. It is the worst I have ever heard her sound in my entire life. The only times I have ever thought she couldn't sing was when I watched Jimmy Kimmel and Ellen. This is truly painful for me to watch because I love her so much.


Yes really, I know she needs to promote her new album but she doesn't have to strain her voice this way. It's painful to watch her at Jimmy Kimmel Live same with Ellen. Every high notes makes my heart stop when I hear her struggling. Celine! YOU have US. You do not need to prove yourself. Rest please.

P.S. I am still excited of your album.

Your number one fan here in the Philippines.

“The only failure is not knowing how to be happy."---My Story”
― Celine Dion

I've seen the comment bellow, oh well, I must say I'm worried too, I'm seeing something that some people may agree with me, I've been also a Céline Dion fan for over 20 years and I'm noticing that she's doing a lot of things at the same time, I saw it on monday, she went, I think, in three shows, doing interviews and so on... I think one show a day is fine, I mean, even I felt tired for her. I mean, I LOVE, REALLY, to see her around in tv shows, don't get me wrong, it really made my day, she is so nice and cute and I love her more than my life, but I see that she is doing it too much... Maybe she is just tired...

Okay seriousy, someone has to say it. What is going on with her voice? When I watched her on Jimmy Kimmel I was horrified to say the least. Was it a problem with the ear piece? I remember when she sang "Dance with my Father" and had to take out the ear piece and she still sounded good. Is she sick? If so, she should not be going on all these shows. I do not like the new grain in her voice and she keeps talking about it. She can sing in a lower register and still sound quite good, without the grainy sound. The singing on the Today Show that she did live when the woman asked to hear a bit of her new song...it did not sound good at all. It reminded me of Water and a Flame singing she did on Katie Couric. I am really worried. I've loved her for 20 years now and never heard her so pitchy and off key as I did on Jimmy Kimmel. I had to watch it again the next morning to make sure I heard things right. I had trouble sleeping wondering if someone watched that and thought she lost her luster.

She cannot "sit back" even though she thinks she can and mentioned it in an interview. I don't know if she is sick, overconfident, or what. I don't care if RC thinks you are uncool and you are trying to be cool now by not singing as well as you used to in the past. A 12 year old knows nothing about the world. Eminem is nothing to write home about either. I just want to know what is going on and why people are letting her go on these shows when she sounds so bad (compared to how she used to sound). I feel bad for her and I want to protect her, but maybe she has given up already. I would rather see her go out in a haze of glory than fade out and be thought of as someone who used to have a really good voice.

I haven't watched Ellen yet, but reviews are already coming in and they aren't good. Please rest your voice Celine. I had to watch Celine videos from the 90s to remember how it used to be. Maybe she is just older. I don't know. I get sick thinking about it because I love her so much and always want her to do well. I am not the only one aware of the problem as I have another male friend who is a huge Celine fan as well and he has noticed.


They look so cute together ! Laughing out loud

I love you so much Céline, can't wait to see you tonight on Ellen! <3