Celine and Ne-Yo Interview on Good Morning America

2014/01/30 5:15PM Canada (English)
In case you missed it on Good Morning America, watch Celine and Ne-Yo’s behind-the- scenes interview at the video shoot for “Incredible”!

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I'm so excited! Wink
I can't wait!
This interview is fantastic, music video will be epic! <3

I Love You Celine And I'm Proud Of It!

I'm so happy that there's gonna be a music video!!!! Smile soooooo happy!!!
And I can't wait for the release date! <3

I loved it Celine is the best and their duet is incredible I cannot wait till the music video is released does anyone know when the release date is???
my softball season is coming up and along with Celine's song a new day has come and so many others this song ,Incredible, will motivate me to be the best softball player I can be!! in 8th grade Celine and her song a new day has come helped me get through a very rough season and now ive gained so much strength and confidence in my self because of Celine!!! she made me realize that I should never give up on anything (which is what I felt like doing during the season) no matter what and that I should continue to work hard and at the end of the day it could really pay of and it did!! there were several other girls who were in my position too that just gave up but I didn't thanks to Celine's inspiration and her song a new day has come!!! and now playing softball is one of my passions Laughing out loud
Incredible has now become one of my most favorites and I cannot wait to see this music video
thank you so much Celine for everything!!!!! Laughing out loud
I love you so much Celine Smile