Celine And Miss Piggy: Very Dear Friends

2014/03/21 3:00AM Canada (English)

It’s here! ‘Muppets Most Wanted’ hits North American theatres tonight! Celine makes a cameo appearance to sing “Something So Right” in duet with Miss Piggy. While promoting the movie in Toronto, Canada, Miss Piggy talked about working with Celine and revealed that the two are “very dear friends”. Read about her experience working with Celine! Are you going to see the movie?

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Sadly I can't go tonight because when my mom tried to order the tickets online to the latest show time possible which was 10:25 they were sold out and plus we'd be rushing to get there and it's about 30 - 45 minutes away from where I live and I just got home from my softball game and I am really upset we can't go on the first night is released but my parents insisted we go tomorrow night instead to make it up to me so I can't wait Laughing out loud

Hi Celine!

I'm actually going to see the movie next Thursday. It just got released into the theaters here in Washington today. Don't flirt with Kermit. You know how jealous Miss Piggy can get. Wink

My "friend", so to speak, Sir Jonathon Denver, could NOT play ANYMORE AFTER "THEY", SO TO SPEAK, CALLED ON "HIM", SO TO SPEAK, TO "CALL-IN", SO TO SPEAK, AS "MUPPET" KIND, SO TO SPEAK, "SO HELP THEM GOD". Amen.

Yes I'm going to see it Sunday I can't wait ahhhhh!
And I'm buying the soundtrack yay!!!

Your N1 fan ❤ UK, I love you Celine always . Zaynah ❤

I'll definitely go to see this movie, but I'll have to wait for another 6 weeks until it hits theatres in Switzerland Sad For those who are going tonight: have fun and enjoy Céline's performance! Smile

Yes I'm going tonight for Celine depending on if I get back from my softball game on time tonight which I pray to God that I do!!! Laughing out loud I cant wait to see Celine on the big screen!!! Isn't it her first time being on one besides just her amazing voice being played???? Laughing out loud
I love you do much Celine Laughing out loud

I can't go tonight Sad it's my friends birthday but I will watch her performance somehow because ya know swag

Yes I'm going to see this movie ONLY because Celine is part of it...I don't see very many movies but when it comes to Celine I'm behind her 100%