Celine And Fashion

2013/03/04 4:00AM Canada (English)

The “Fashion Week” events going on right now not only celebrate fashion but fashionistas. Celine is a true fashionista; her recent photos and the beautiful outfits she wears during her show are proof. In a recent interview with 7 Hollywood magazine, Celine confides that she’s really passionate about clothes and fashion has always been part of her life. When asked about her favourite fashion period she said “I could talk about Grace Kelly, Alfred Hitchc*** movies… but I look at today’s fashion, the Balmain, the Givenchy and all the other designers and I’m totally happy”. How about you? Do you share Celine’s tastes? What’s your favourite fashion style?

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Céline tried so many different things with her looks, that deserves a compliment. I loved her Taking Chances-look, especially the make-up. The dresses in her new Vegas-show (off-topic: how long do we have to call it her 'new' show while it's on stage for two years now, haha) are gorgeous and she definetely knows how to make them look even greater then they are. The funny thing is that off-stage, Céline mostly dresses comfortable clothing like overdressed jackets and jumpers. I think that's a beautiful contrast of who she is on stage (to perform as an artist) and off stage (to be a beautiful human being).

Celine dress very well, I love her style, her clothes are wonderful! <3

I would love just 1/10th of her attire! Also, she definitely knows how to work those dresses on stage!
She uses the slits to their full advantage Smile

How can you not love this woman!
"la vie n'a pas besoin d'être parfaite pour être merveilleuse"

My favorite style is the style of Céline!!<3 <3 Beautiful Céline! Laughing out loud

Celine's outfits are soooo beautiful, they are nothing like other's celebrities outfits which are vulgar and slutty! Celine is a great fashionista! <3