Celine And The ‘Victoires de la Musique’ Awards

2014/02/15 4:00AM Canada (English)

The 29th ‘Victoires de la Musique’ (French music awards) were held yesterday in France. Did you know that Celine received her first ‘Victoires’ in 1996? She won the Best Song of the Year award for “Pour que tu m’aimes encore” from ‘D’eux’ and Best Francophone Artist. You can find Celine’s French-language albums at The Boutique.

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Hello Amenah,

You can send an email to info@feelingprod.com.


i really need to sent email to her lovely celiondion
whats address for her please


I love you Celine Laughing out loud you are the best Laughing out loud

Congratulation celine I know it was 18 years ago when I wasn't around but I know you deserved it because your true to your music Smile

Your N1 fan ❤ UK, I love you Celine always . Zaynah ❤

Dear Celne, only 5 words:

I Love You Celine And I'm Proud Of It!

Wow Celine congratulations even though it was about 18 years ago Wink you totally deserved it and I believe you've won over 2000 awards!!!! Am I right or am I right lol Wink Laughing out loud and you've sold over 220 million albums world wide!!! (The best selling female artist in history)!!!! That is pretty down right amazing Laughing out loud we all love you Celine!! Laughing out loud