Celine On Access Hollywood Live

2013/09/11 4:03PM Canada (English)

Set your recorders! After her appearance on Access Hollywood, catch Celine on Access Hollywood Live with hosts Billy Bush and Kit Hoover tomorrow! Check your local listings for details.

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Dear Team Celine
I'm kinda confused of when Celine on access holly wood live was broadcasted on tv because on the 11 u said It was to be broadcasted on tv the following day (the 12) but when my mom watched it for me since I was unable to she said she watched the whole thing and didn't see her at all so i don't know what happened I don't know if maybe she watched it on the wrong channel or the wrong time. But if u could let me know when exactly she was on that would be great Smile and same thing with extra when was she on extra? I just would like to know is all Smile
Thank you Smile

If you were unable to watch Access Hollywood Live and catch Celine's interview with Billy Bush and Kit Hoover, you can catch up here:


I just watched Celine on access Hollywood live that team Celine posted above and it was amazing I love u forever Celine ur interviews are the best Laughing out loud!!!!!

Wish I could get to see it but I have a volley ball game Sad I bet it will be amazing!!!!! Just like all her other interviews!!!!! Smile
Love you so much Celine!!!!! Wink

I will always love Celine she's and will always be my favourite singer!
And I admire her so much not only for the amazing voice but also for the person she is and always has been! She didn't change, she remained the person she was even if she had a huge success!
This is rare and unique!

I just saw Celine live in Vegas again back in August...she always gives it all she's got...I loved her on Kimmel and Ellen I'm trying to catch her on all her tv appearances...I love how diverse she is...

Oh guys, maybe she is only tired and needs to relax... or has some problems with her throat? Stop saying how much you're disappointed after Celine's live performances on Jimmy Kimmel and Ellen. Ok, there was something wrong with her voice, but is that really the most important thing?
I will always respect Celine for her talent and personality, she will remain my beloved female-singer forever and nothing can change that. As each of us she becomes older, and I'm prepared for a day when she may no longer be able to use the higher registers of her voice... If this day has come now, my admiration for Celine doesn't end!!! Just like in good relationship... when you truly love someone, nothing else matters and nothing can change that. Of course, I loved her voice first as I heard it first on the radio, but today, after so many years of such exciting journey together, my feelings are even more focused on her... a lovely, sensitive and delicate woman with a beautiful smile and good heart.