Celine On “At Seventeen”

2014/01/08 4:00AM Canada (English)
Celine describes this song as very touching and painful and one she can relate to because she also had difficult school years. To record this track, Celine worked with producer Kenneth ‘Babyface’ Edmonds, who also loved this Janis Ian classic growing up. Celine feels strongly about “At Seventeen”, from her album ‘Loved Me Back To Life’, it’s for all the teens who are struggling and kids that don’t fit it in.

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A canção, em partes, é bela, mas vem de raízes tristes, no caso de quando Celine tinha 17 anos de idade. A música é uma identificação a mim. ~

At seventeen is really incredibly amazing song,of course,I can relate to that song,because I`m seventeen and I know everything:good things or bad ones,that are connected with this age <3 I`m proud of myself,because I`m one of the Celiniacs <3

Many Kisses From Georgia

This song is so beautiful - wish there would be a single Smile

This song is so powerful. Many people know what it feels like to be left out. This song deceives myself at seventeen and sometimes today at twenty one.

Kylie Rose

Like you guys I can't but relate to this song because - when the world was younger than today - I was among "those whose names were never called . . ."
I really love this song and Celine's interpretation. Thank you for this wonderful album Celine!

I love this song. I like a lot of people love the way Celine has interpreted this, but I love the way she sings anything really. I identify with the song as a lot of you said because I was not popular and didn't fit in. I think as usual a lot of emotion came through in Celine's voice because she has admitted she wasn't popular, too. That's why I relate and she is my favourite artist.

I love this song.
Why? Because it is about me.
I will have seventeen this year.. and I know everything about difficult life in school...

I Love You Celine And I'm Proud Of It!

This song, and Celine's interpretation, are wonderful.

I can really relate to this song too especially now that I'm in high school! I am not one of the popular teenagers and I don't want to be!! They are nasty and mean and care about nothing but them selves! And they don't even bother to look at the people like us but to me it doesn't bother me because at the end of the day I know that I am the better person and it just isn't worth worrying about because once I'm out of school chances are I won't see them again!! But for those who I see that aren't part of the popular crowd like me but are really taking harder than I am because they have hardly any friends, their getting picked on for how they look or what they do etc... I deeply feel their pain because in 7th grade this happened to me!! It started from September in 2010 and didn't end until around march 2011. I was getting severely bullied (verbally) by girl only a month older than me named Miranda. She would threaten to smash my face in the concrete several times after school (thankfully she never did), she would call me bad names blame me for everything and do her best to make the whole school not like me and I believe it even caused me to loose a few of my friends! I remember people and not just miranda would come up to me at lunch in the hall way or after school and say nobody likes you or there are rumers about you!! So pretty much every day I would come home in tears!! But now looking back I wouldn't take any of it back because it only made me stronger and now I know how to handle situations like that!! So when ever I see someone who looks to be struggling like they way
that Celine describes in her song I look at them and flash a smile and sometimes say hi hoping maybe it will lighten up their day and I've noticed that later some of them would come up and say hi back and we would start a conversation I don't care who they are or what they look like I love talking to them because I know (just like what Celine says) that I could be making a difference in someones life Smile so Celine thank you so much for this touching and inspiring song and thank you so much for inspiring me to be the person I am today!! Smile
I love you so much Celine!!!!! Smile

This song defines all the truth about those years. At seventeen all is difficult at school. Unfortunately I agree completly. Good song and good lyrics!

Gaudeix del moment!