Celine In ‘Shades of Elvis’

2014/02/23 4:00AM Canada (English)

Photos of over 75 celebrities, including Celine, wearing Elvis Presley’s famous shades will be featured in ‘Shades of Elvis’ a new tribute book by photographer Christopher Ameruoso and Priscilla Presley. The photography book will be available March 7.

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Hi Celine,

Myself and Anna we love your work and your family.

We are dedicating to you and your family our work- Canadian photography straight from Edmonton.

Please look at MikeIsaak.com or Mike Isaak blog

Thank you

Oh my gosh!!!! Why is it so much money?? That's kind of in sain!!!! I guess I'll have to wait until its on Amazon too Wink or at least when (or if) the price goes down Smile

Holy moly it's $111.95!! I may have to wait for this one to circulate on Amazon or something. Here's the link:
Shades of Elvis


"Please don't make your career your life. Let it be your passion, let it bring you pleasure, but don't let it become your identity. You are so much more valuable than that." -Celine

Finally we have the Celine's photos for Elvis Smile

Aaaaaa!!! ♥
I'm more than excited!!! ♥
My biggest loves: Celine, Cher ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
& Johnny Depp! ♥ ♥ ♥
It's amazing! <3

I Love You Celine And I'm Proud Of It!

I'm buying the book on March 7 Laughing out loud I can't wait!!!!! It's only a couple weeks away Laughing out loud Elvis was a great singer and person and he will always be remembered by the world!!! He is a legend!!!!! And same goes with Celine!!!!! Smile for the person she's been her whole life and for her amazing songs and voice, she will be remembered by the whole world as well!!!! Only big stars like these 2 deserve it all Laughing out loud
I love you so much Celine Smile