Celine ‘Pre-nominated’ for NRJ Music Award

2013/10/22 3:00AM Canada (English)

Will Celine be nominated in the Female Francophone Artist of the Year category? Fans can now vote to select which artists will be nominated in this category. You have until November 3 to vote for Celine to have the chance to win an NRJ Music Award for Female Francophone Artist of the Year. Go ahead and vote now!

Comments for this News article

Dear team Celine
there is a rumor (death hoax) that Celine passed away on the 21st, yesterday! Is there anything you can do about this and defend our Celine?????
I read that there were hundreds of fans who believed it!!!!! So please if there is anything that you can do about this that would be great!
Thank you very much!!

Uuuuuggg Celine's the only one I know though lol Wink

Yes... Smile

Ok thanks Smile
And do u have to choose 3 others?????

You select Celine, and 3 other Female Francophone Artist. Then, if you aren't French, you have to use Facebook to receive a code to vote.
Otherwise, you enter your french phone number and you'll receive a code!
I hope you'll understand! Smile

Hope Celine wins!!
But how can Celine only has a NRJ award??

Can some one tell me what I'm supposed to do after I select Celine because I can't understand french! Sad