Celine On ‘Le Banquier’ Tonight on TVA

2013/11/03 8:00AM Canada (English)

Watch Celine on ‘Le Banquier’, a Quebec version of American game show ‘Deal Or No Deal’ tonight at 7:30pm (ET) on TVA. She’ll be raising funds for her foundation, the Celine Dion Foundation. The show’s host Julie Snyder promises two great hours with Celine where she’ll perform, play, and have many unexpected surprises… A show not to be missed!

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How the heck do u vote for Celine for the NRJ music awards because I've probably been searching the web site now for about 15 minutes and I cannot figure it out someone please tell me before its too late I really don't want to miss out in voting for Celine!
Thank you Smile

Celine is incredibly beautiful Smile

Vote for Celine for the NRJ Music Awards, voting ends tonight!
She deserves it!


Votez pour Celine pour les NRJ Music Awards, les votes se terminent ce soir!
Elle le mérite!

I've actually been looking forward too seeing this I've been watching the trailers for it on YouTube and Celine seems hilarious like she always is Laughing out loud even though I don't watch deal or no deal here in america that much and even though I don't live in Quebec can't speak or understand french very well yet and can't see it on tv i really cant wait to see this Laughing out loud so I will watch it when it's on YouTube Smile I can't wait Laughing out loud!!!!! And Celine looks beautiful btw like always Smile
Love u so much Celine Smile