Celine’s Role In Muppets Most Wanted

2014/04/01 2:00AM Canada (English)

Did you know that Celine’s role in the latest Muppets movie was written specifically for her even before she agreed to do the film? Director James Bobin thought that Celine would be amazing as Miss Piggy’s fairy Godmother and spiritual advisor about love and relationships and wrote the part with her in mind. We’re glad she accepted! Have you seen the movie, what did you think of it?

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I haven't seen it yet! I didn't know it was out!


Good. This was one of my two favorite songs from the film. What I'd like to know is if Celine could sing a version by herself, with lyrics tweaked (deletion of little pink frog/green piggy line). Because I love the song, but as much as I love Miss Piggy, the song deserves a "mature" version. I suppose in the part where Celine showed up, the new version could have a choir to add the oomph. Any chance of this?

Not yet, but I'm going to see it as soon as it comes out here in Switzerland Smile

I've seen the movie twice (on the 22nd and on Celine's birthday) and I think it is very cute, and Celine's part is so touching!!! Laughing out loud when miss piggy started singing their song I started shaking because i knew Celine's part was coming up and when I saw Celine walk up to miss piggy I really started shaking and instantly felt like crying it just looked so amazing and Celine looked so beautiful!! And I didn't know at first that she was miss piggy's fairy Godmother until I saw it in the end credits and that just made her scene even more touching and amazing and their song Something So Right is such s beautiful song and after I downloaded it to my iPod when I got home I couldn't stop listening to it Wink and I still can't stop listening to it, it's just very touching to me and Celine was/is such an angel Laughing out loud and I'm so glad the directed picked her to play the part because nobody else could have done it as touchingly as she did Laughing out loud I just hope in the future she gets a part in another movie like this because she is really cut out for it Laughing out loud
I love you so much Celine and thank you for doing the part Laughing out loud