Celine’s Performance On The Today Show

2013/10/28 4:22PM Canada (English)

In case you missed it, watch Celine's performances of "Somebody Loves Somebody" and "Water and a Flame" on The Today Show! Loved the songs? You can pre-order the album on iTunes and get an instant download of “Loved Me Back To Life” now! Or pre-order the album at The Boutique! Don’t forget to watch Celine perform the title track from her new album on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon tonight at 12:35AM (ET)!

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Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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What's even more incredible is celinedion.com covering her appearance live right after it's been aired! Laughing out loud

Just watched Celine on Jimmy Fallon, she was fun to watch playing password, I love her personality... she looked fantastic...but she always does and her performance of "Loved me back to life" was amazing...she will always be my favorite... no one compares to her...I'll be at Walmart after midnight earlier on Nov 5th!!! I hope they have the deluxe/CD I can't wait to buy it... I'm counting down the days!!!!! I hope to see her again in 2014 and I hope she adds a couple of her new songs to her wonderful show at Caesars I got to tell her I loved her last August when she walked by my seat and when I reached out to her she took my hand...It was like a dream...what a thrill!!!!

I just watched Celine on Jimmy Fallon and O MY GOSH does Celine look beautiful Smile!!!!! Love her black dress I wish Annie Horth would design my outfits and dresses Smile & She was so funny playing that game with jimmy lol Wink

Celine I love you you are the best!!!!! there is NEVER a dull moment when your around Laughing out loud!!!!!
And as always your performance was AMAZING Laughing out loud!!!!! Love you so much Celine!!!!! Smile

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The Queen of Pop is back!!!

@Leah-M_ILuvUCelineD... you bet...and i was crying and the people around me thought i was on a heartbreak but i was not...i am listening to a celine new hit!

@enzo 1986:
Hahahaha very funny lol Wink
My guess, you've already downloaded this song from that one place! Wink

#Leah-M_ILuvUCelineD... when you posted that link i thought "hey i think she wants me to download it" hehehehe you know what i mean hehehehe

the performance is just awesome... celine is so unexpectable nowadays!!!!!

Both songs are so beautiful. Thank you again Celine!
I love "Somebody Loves Somebody"! This song makes me crazy Smile

i watched it on youtube after school omg i was speachless and before she was interviewed she pushed that girl away when she was trying to fix Celines shirt lol she is so funny i love you Celine so much!!!!!! Smile
and btw i found a video on youtube of Celines new song break away (full song) check it it out below Smile and i also posted it in the album section in break away comment section Smile it is BEAUTIFUL so check it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Laughing out loud