Celine’s Performance On Jimmy Fallon

2013/10/29 10:00AM Canada (English)
In case you missed it, check out Celine’s fantastic performance of “Loved Me Back To Life” on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon! Pre-order the album on Amazon or at The Celine Dion Boutique .

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Hi Celine, on Jimmy Fallon's Password skit, why didn't you just say you didn't know how to play the game. Rather you sat on pretending and you looked, well let's say, not so intelligent. Next time just speak up. This from someone who's reputation as a proud canadian sits on your shoulders for the whole world to watch and judge. Thank you.

Why you sing it lower key? You can sing it the original key!!!!! Dont did this anymore.. please <3 Because you are the best!!!!!

Celine you are very special for me, because i love you as i love my mother! I always thinking of you.. every day, and every second.... i every day listening your music... because, i can't live without anymore!! My dream is i going to las vegas, and i see

Good deciscion to sing it in a lower key this time, because even it's a bit safer this extremely difficult song to sing is sooooo beautiful! I really felt the bass!
Compliments to the backing vocals too, you can see they were competely focussed on the song!
The setting is intimate en Céline looks gorgeous!
So both thumbs up for this 1000% live performance!

Celine, please perform 'Somebody Loves Somebody' again during your tv promo tour! And will you come to the United Kingdom to promote the new album?

I loved the whole thing Celine and everyone else were HILARIOUS Laughing out loud and her performance was INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!! Laughing out loud I hope Celine guest stars on his show again and maybe next time they should do one of her songs for the singing password game lol Wink
I almost missed the interview cuz I fell asleep at around 11 and woke up at 12:43 and I freaked out but thankfully he hadn't even interviewed Hugh Laurie yet Smile lol
And afterwords I went back into my room and watched it again on YouTube I loved it all so much Smile
Does any one know when this was tapped???