Celine’s Performance On Ellen

2013/09/13 3:00AM Canada (English)

In case you missed it, check out Celine’s fantastic performance of “Loved Me Back To Life” on The Ellen Degeneres Show. Pre-order the album at The Boutique and get a Free key chain plus 15% off any other purchase.

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I think it doesn't wrong with Celine's voice, the problem unfortunately is the song.
But, Celine we love you forever!
And your voice is simply perfect and I love you singing live.

Celine's voice was a little tired, but the performance was great.

We love you Celine <3

Like FromSpain said: "It´s not easy to perform this song. .... this song is not for live perform, only in studio record can be heard all effects clearly (I prefer studio version)".
When i heard the live version that Celine performed at Quebe in july i hated it. And i was preocupaid because i wasn't liking at all a Celine Dion song. But i was hoping that the studio version made me change my mind, and it did. So like FromSpain i prefer much better the studio version.
Lets wait to hear the all abum and see what good surprises Celine made us wait for so long. Too long. Lets hope its worth it now "the wait is over".

The bits of the interview in the Ellen Degeneres Show only proves that Celine hasn't lost it. She still charmes withe her funny way. She is still "crazy" at almost 46.
And thats what happens when the most funny women are together. Celine should be a comedian, she is hilarious.

Celine, René,
... I'm gonna stand, stand by your side / Kiss all your tears away tonight / I'm gonna stand, stand by your side / Make you believe again / I wanna look in your eyes now and see you smiling again ....
Hope you are felling better. Love you

My god! Her voice is horrible! What's happening ? I hope that Celine sings better next November at Bercy because I ask for a refund!!!!
I am very irritated because Céline is often sick since she has started her shows in Las Vegas!

Je pense que je suis le seul fan à mettre en route la sonnette d'alarme! Je la trouve de plus en plus mauvaise dans ses prestations. Si elle n'est plus capable de chanter autant arrêter tous ces concerts qui bousillent sa voix et son talent! Je ne félicite pas ses producteurs!
Cette vidéo démontre que Céline Dion est fatiguée et qu'elle a besoin d'une longue pause! J'adore Céline mais si c'est pour entendre une débutante sur un plateau télé, je m'abstiendrai pour acheter ses prochains albums!

I love it too when she sings live!

Yesterday the song was played on the radio channel I heard to - I was so excited about it!

Wonderful song - wonderful woman!

The Ellen Videos with Céline are awesome! Laughing out loud

Celine, you are perfect as usually!!!

Ive read the comments - I think Celine no has problem, I think the problem - is this song. it is so delicate to sing live - there´s a lot of sound effects of voice. It´s not easy to perform. The voice has to be very very well warmed before. if not, such song can damage the voice. I would say - this song is not for live perform, only in studio record can be heard all effects clearly (I prefer studio version)

Dear Celine, please take care of yourself and your family, we love you!!!


Celine still as graceful,talented and funny as ever,I can't wait to get the album.Congratulations! Celine! It's so nice to see you. Smile.


OMG! She's gorgeous, Celine is perfect Smile

I love you Celine you are the best it's a very rare thing for a singer to sing live with a soar throat! And u did it! I have so much respect for you Celine you never let anyone down you are the best by far
I love u so much Celine Dion!!!!! Wink

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I was so happy about the live performance too! Smile
Fortunately she can rest a little while untill her next performance!
Love you Celine so much<3<3<3

I love when she sings live!!!!

Even she was with a little problem on her voice... she was awesome <3

I love you Céline!

They both were great! Celine is so enthusiastic and funny girl... and she talks a lot what I like... but she definitely needs to relax and wait till everything will be fine with her higher registers. I really appreciate that she performed live, despite the fact there are some moments when her singing isn't as perfect as always.