Celine’s Message To Boston

2014/06/13 3:00AM Canada (English)

Watch Celine’s message to the city of Boston as they celebrate Pride Week.

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Thank you for caring. It means so much in this life.

You have such a great gift. The inspiration of your voice is almost indescribable. I've been emailing Jim Brickman's staff. He's starting a new tour. I was a Marine for over 21 years. It was a very turbulent time, but with faith, we've made it through. My three deployments to combat, my wife expressed her love to me by sending me tapes & CDs of the music that expressed our relationship. Now, I'm looking to return the favor to her. Have to tell you, the last several years have not been easy. I came to the realization she is the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. Throughout our relationship, your music has been instrumental for us being able to express our love for each other. It's not only been your own work, but your recognition of the potential Josh Groban had and launched his career. And there's Jim Brickman. He has such a unique talent to "Brickmanize" songs in such a special way. I would absolutely love if you were able to perform in Kansas City so we could hear you in person. The trio of you, Groban, and Brickman would be almost nirvana! You each have such wonderful talents that would blend together so wonderfully. I'm sorry for the challenges you are facing, now... These will pass. I hope you find the inspiration and joy in your own music that has had such an impact on my own life.

wow she's really georgeus.

I love you Celine so much you are such a caring and sweet person and thank you so much for it all!!!!! Laughing out loud
You are the the best!!!!! Wink

I want to wish a nice day to all guys (and gays Smile ) who go there!
Have a good time, but also remember to be careful and responsible!

Very nice shout out Smile Love that Celine is making more little videos like this.

You are so cute Céline Smile I love you! <3