Celine’s Life In 46 Photos

2014/04/02 3:00AM Canada (English)

In honour of Celine’s 46th birthday last Sunday, Hello! Canada magazine celebrated with 46 photos looking back at Celine’s career and family. View the photo gallery here!

We would also like to thank all the awesome TeamCeline members for sending special birthday wishes and sharing your wonderful creations in celebration of Celine’s birthday! Thank you!

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hello everyone,

waouwwww ... great pictures

I'm so sad that I can buy this magazine also the special one from 7 jours

Maybe can somebody help me to have this 2 magazine.

Of course I will buy this 2 magazine + shipping price to belgium

thank's a lot

best regards to everyone

xamu from Belgium

I love all the photos ! Thanks God for this amazing woman♥

Amazing photos and a cool way to show Celine's life and accomplishments! Smile

Peace N Luv

Celine ur the queen just wanted u to know that QUEEN CELINE!


OMG!!!!! They chose the picture with the ukulele! Laughing out loud I was there when she played and signed it, standing just a few steps away from her! Smile That was the best moment of my life Smile

very beautiful photos!
thank you!
I love you!

I love the photos!!!!! Laughing out loud Celine is so beautiful Laughing out loud
I love you so much Celine and thank you for sharing your career with us!!! You are the best!!!!! Laughing out loud