Celine’s Larry King Now Interview

2013/09/21 3:00AM Canada (English)

Did you watch Celine’s interview on Larry King Now? Check out these five great clips from the interview! Fans in the USA may be able to catch the entire interview on Ora.TV and Hulu.

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Celine is wonderful. Nice interview.


I loved the interview my favorite part was the ending when Larry king kisses her hand and says I kissed your ring and so Celine takes off her ring and then he kisses her hand again and goes gosh she's the pope and then Celine starts laughing lol! I LOVE Celine's laugh so much!!!!! Laughing out loud I kept playing that part over and over again I could not stop watching it!!!!!! Smile
I absolutely adore watching her interviews its one of my favorite things to do Wink!!!!!
Je t'aimes Celine. Wink!!!!!

I agree with Justin Matthew:
Everyone keep asking her the same questions!
She must be bored of them!

Celine was great, she has an excellent sense of humor!!!
However, I am a little disappointed with Larry, as he didn't ask interesting questions...
everything that they said we could already hear on Ellen (fantastic interview!) and Jimmy Kimmel, and even before... Talking about the song from 'Titanic' is so boring when we already know the story.

You can watch the full interview here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWnpg-jmsBg

Céline is on fire with Larry King! Great interaction! Very nice interview with some good quotes! his woman knows when and how to deliver! Céline is so honest, I appreciate that big time!

It's scary she says that LMBTL feels like the beginning now radio stations don't give this pearl some airplay. How come? It's a very good song and Céline belongs to the world top! Hopefully the song will get a huge push when the album comes out, despite all the downloads untill now.

I'll keep supporting this amazing artist, who blends perfectly with this modern sound!