Celine’s European Concerts

2013/12/07 4:00AM Canada (English)

Were you one of the many lucky fans who attended Celine’s concerts in Antwerp or Paris? We want to hear from you! Write a review, upload your fan photos and share your concert experience with other members on the Forum!

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I was in Paris on 25/11/2013 Laughing out loud

Night unequalled, unique and unrepeatable!! *.* *.* Great performance and that voice is spectacular!!!!! The amazing musicians. She gorgeous with diferent dresses.

My dream come true!! Always remain in my memory!!

I Love You Céline.

Barcelona Smile

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Celine! please come back to do a selection of concerts in the UK! especially in Manchester where I live! your missed tremendously Sad

I was in Paris, I went to Brazil just to watch the show.
My God how much emoção.Há over ten years waiting for this moment, for sure I will go to Las Vegas to watch her more closely. 'll Always be your fan.
Love you Celine.

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I was in Paris, I went to Brazil just to watch the show.
My God how much emoção.Há over ten years waiting for this moment, for sure I will go to Las Vegas to watch her more closely. 'll Always be your fan.
Love you Celine.

We have seen the concert on Friday en it was an incredible evening.Thank you !!!
She was at her best.

Very beautiful dresses again .

Hopefully you can comeback to Antwerp within a few years

Celine’s shows were absolutely amazing. I attended the two concerts in Antwerp and I will never forget them. Céline’s voice sounded more beautiful than ever. I have never heard a background choir this big (the audience) singing along to “S’ il suffisait d’ aimer”. We were one big family at the Antwerp Sportpaleis. On the first night there were some technical problems, especially with the ears, but there was no stopping Céline. At the end of the concert, after ”My heart will go on” she went on with “Pour que tu m’aimes encore”, “Le miracle” and “Je ne vous oublie pas”. You should have heard the audience!

On the second night there was a very special and emotional moment with Elise who seemed to be going through some difficult times and Céline took her for a little dance during “On ne change pas”. The choice of songs was a beautiful mix of English and French, both new songs and older songs. My compliments also go out to all the musicians and of course to Elise, Barnev and Dawn. They were fantastic, especially at the end of “Je crois toi”.

During her visit to Europe Céline lighted up the cold dark month of November. She made triumphant appearances and the European fans were able to admire her in many ways, from the German gameshow “Wetten dass”, to several interviews and shows in the UK, followed by her stay in Paris. Every time she left the hotel she looked absolutely stunning, chique and elegant. She would find the time to talk to fans, blow hand kisses and sign many many autographs, including an autograph on a guitar, of course she could not resist playing it for a while. Even after the concerts she would find the time to mix with the fans.

I can only say: “Dear Céline, thank you so much for giving us the time of our lives. We miss you already ……. please come back soon”.

Dear celine thanks for the nice evening in Antwerp 21/11/2013 high praise for you and you bend, you have your fans also rewarded again Belgian press was full of praise you have extracted the nightly news on tv we hope to receive your quick back in Antwerp. we receive you with open arms

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"city antw"

Something I really liked about the show was that Celine sang some songs that she hadn't sung for ages:

Tout l'or des hommes
Where does my heart beat now
Je ne vous oublie pas (it would have been nice if she sang the complete song)
Je crois toi

What I didn´t like was that she goes on singing the same songs all the time:

Love can move mountains
River deep, mountain high
S'il suffisait d'aimer
Dans un autre monde
J'irai ou tu iras

I think Celine should stop singing the same songs all the time. She should replace them with songs she hasn't sung for many years such as the following:

Mon ami m'a quittee
D'amour ou d'amitie
Comment t'aimer
Fais ce que tu voudras
Ne partez pas sans moi
Je ne veux pas
On traverse un miroir
Delivre moi
If we could start over
Have a heart
If you asked me to
If you could see me now
Beauty and the beast
Water from the moon
Nothing broken but my heart
Think twice
When I fall in love
Love doesn't ask why
Just walk away
Quand on n'a que l'amour
La memoire d'abraham
Les derniers seront les premiers
Falling into you
Make you happy
Dreamin' of you
I love you
I don't know
Call the man
Your light
Tell him
Where is the love
When I need you
Miles to go
To love you more
Let's talk about love
Be the man
It's hard to say goodbye
En attendant ses pas
Another year has gone by
The magic of christmas day
I'm your angel
That's the way it is
If walls could talk
Then you look at me
I want you to need me
Live for the one I love
I have to dream
Would I know
I'm alive
Right in front of you
A new day has come (Radio remix)
Goodbye's the saddest word
I surrender
The greatest reward
Sous le vent
I drove all night
In his touch
One heart
Stand by your side
I know what love is
Je t'aime encore
Tout l'or des hommes
Le vol d'un ange
Rien n'est vraiment fini
Contre nature
Ma nouvelle france
You and I
Ain't gonna look the other way
My precious one
Dance with my father
Je ne vous oublie pas
Tous les secrets
I believe in you
Et s'il n'en restait qu'une
A cause
Je cherche l'ombre
Le temps qui compte
Taking chances
My love
Surprise surprise
This time
A world to believe in
Fade away
Map to my heart
The reason I go on
There comes a time
Parler a mon pere
Qui peut vivre sans amour
Une chance qu'on s'a
La mer et l'enfant
Celle qui m'a tout appris
Je n'ai pas besoin d'amour
Si je n'ai rien de toi
Que toi au monde
Les jours comme ca
Loved me back to life
Someboby loves somebody
Always be your girl
Unfinished song

Thank you to Céline, René, and the amazing musicians and crew for two amazing concert nights!!
I am extremely happy that I had the chance to go two days in a row, it’s fun to compare the two shows! In my opinion the Friday show was much better than the Thursday show – more energy, dancing, and less ‘trip-ups’.

I loved the concerts and wanted to create something so I could relive it... and share it with those
that did not have the chance to attend. Please check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sbJ4ZyKsH7c


You can like the life you're living - you can live the life you like!
That's the way it is...

Check out my Youtube clip from the Antwerp concerts 2013: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sbJ4ZyKsH7c
My 'my love:my life 2008' clip: http://ww

I was in Paris on December 1. Already posted my review Smile
I will never forget this weekend, it is my most precious memory now <3