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2013/09/22 2:00AM Canada (English)

Everyone’s talking about the fabulous cover of Celine’s upcoming album ‘Loved Me Back To Life’! Apart from ‘Loved Me Back To Life’, what’s your all time favourite Celine album cover?

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For me the real bad ones are: Let’s talk about love, taking chances and À l'Olympia.
All the others are OK but i can point out some that catch my atention:

  • Incognito
  • The Colour of My Love
  • These Are Special Times
  • All The Way... A Decade of Song
  • A New Day Has Come
  • One Heart
  • My Love: Ultimate Essential Collection
  • My Love: Essential Collection
  • Loved Me Back to Life
Not necessarly by this order.

I'm waitting for this new album with very high expectations.

Celine, René,
... I'm gonna stand, stand by your side / Kiss all your tears away tonight / I'm gonna stand, stand by your side / Make you believe again / I wanna look in your eyes now and see you smiling again ....
Hope you are felling better. Love you

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Well i love her cover A new day has come! But also her cover Sans attendre is fantastic! I think its really interesting and i love it!


01. Let's Talk About Love
02. D'elles
03. A New Day Has Come
04. Unison
05. Loved Me Back to Life


01. À l'Olympia
02. Au coeur du stade
03. 1 fille & 4 types
04. Sans attendre
05. Taking Chances


My favourite album cover is "A New Day Has Come".

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The best Celine album cover: "'D'eux". This album includes the best Celine song ever: "Je sais pas".
The worst Celine album cover: "Sans attendre". I hope such a horrible cover will never happen again.
Best regards from Poland

D'eux of course - such raw beauty and composition.

I love A New Day Has Come.

5. Lets talk about love
4. All the way
3. Loved me back to life
2. Au coeur du stade
1. On ne change pas

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Elle <3

For me the 2 most beautiful covers are `A New Day Has Come` and D´elles.

Here's my top 5:
1. A New Day Has Come
2. D'elles
3. Au Coeur Du Stade
4. My Love (Essential Collection)
5. Loved Me Back To Live

I love all the covers, but especially the albums Dion Chante Plamondon (U.S. version) Celine Dion, D'eux, Let's Talk About Love, These Are Special Times, All The Way ..., One Heart, A New Day .., D'elles, My Love and Loved Me back To Life <3

MY LOVE is the best.

The colour of my love
One heart
These are special times

Well, I love most of them.

But my top favorite until now is These Are Special Times cover.

I remember how difficult for me to have this album in CD because it was already run out in my city.
At that time, I have a cassette version of this album but unfortunately it's not long last.
The packaging, the booklet, is really good.
The minus thing is only I'm your Angel lyrics is somewhat missing the bridge lyrics.
For me, it's a best christmas album I ever have until now.

The other covers on my list, in my opinion are:
1. All The Way... A Decade of Song
2. On ne Change Pas
3. A New Day Has Come

You know what I missed from those covers starting from A New Day Has Come until Loved Me Back To life?
Her signature on the cover.

Believe it or not, the album with her signature on the cover is her most successful album starting from The Colour of My Love until All The Way... A Decade of Song.

I would have to say Celine Dion and The Colour of my Love... both are classic and sexy but in a sophisticated and elegant way...

The colour of my love

D'elles cover is amazing Smile

A New Day Has Come, because of its colorful scenerario, the outdoors shooting with the sea and the beach. No other album cover has been done like that again, and I miss some colour in Loved Me Back To Life.

Hush now... I see a light in the sky! A New Day Will Come

1. Let's talk about love
2. the colour of my love
3. one heart
4. taking chances
5. D'eux
6. falling into you
7. these are special times

This is a hard question.
I love all of them, but my favorite will be A New Day Has Come.
Blue, sky, ocean, Celine's full pict, I just love the cover.
The booklet was one of the best either.

My favourite Celine's album cover is My Love <3

A new day has come ! Great picture ! And though black and white covers have been done to death, I love the Loved me back to life cover because Celine looks so sensual here !

Oh gosh dont ask me this question lol cuz I have no idea! But I guess I will have to say lets talk about love, all the way a decade of song, a new day has come, miracle, on ne change pas, D'Elles, taking chances, my love UEC, and loved me back to life! Smile it's so hard to choose from!!!!!
In my best guess of order of favorites would be:
A new day has come
Loved me back to life
Taking chances
My love UEC
All the way
On ne change pas
Lets talk about love

My favorite Celine album cover is 'A New Day Has Come,' because I love the ocean and sky behind Celine and also because that is my favorite Celine Dion album. Laughing out loud