Celebrate Valentine’s Day To The Sound Of Celine

2014/01/26 4:00AM Canada (English)

Valentine’s Day is less than three weeks away! Tell your sweetie how much you care with Celine’s music. May we suggest ‘My Love: Ultimate Essential Collection’ for the occasion? This wonderful compilation of some of Celine’s biggest hits will help you express exactly how you feel. Of course, you can also select your soundtrack of choice from her many other albums such as ‘The Colour of My Love’, ‘Let’s Talk About Love’ or the most recent ‘Loved Me Back To Life’. Don’t leave it for the last minute; visit The Boutique today!

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I love the artwork of this album. So beautiful.

hopefully you get here in the philippines

The best Celine's songs!
After "Loved Me Back To Life" is my favourite album! <3

I Love You Celine And I'm Proud Of It!

I love valentines day Smile
When will Celine's new music video for Incredible be released????? I'm getting so impatient!!

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I love you Céline & Rene, I pray that you will get through this.
& please don't apologize, we all understand what you're going through
& that you need to be with Rene right now
I will always have all the love and respect for you both,
no matter what<3