Celebrate Father’s Day With Celine’s Music

2014/06/15 3:00AM Canada (English)

Today is Father’s Day in North America. Make sure you take the time to tell your father or father figure just how much he means to you. Celine has sung about the love for a father in “Dance With My Father” and more recently with “Parler à mon père” (Talk to My Father) which expresses her wish to be able to talk to her father once again. Is there a special Celine song that you will dedicate to your father today?

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when I tried to play the video it said the uploader has not made this video available in your country Sad please make it available in America Smile I would love to watch it again it is so amazing and the one that's uploaded on YouTube sounds different and I don't know why that is Sad
and by the way I also love Celine's version of Dance with my Father the most and I also think its very touching Laughing out loud and I love Parler A Mon Pere as well Laughing out loud its one of my favorites on the album Laughing out loud
And happy fathers day to al the fathers celebrating today!!!!! Laughing out loud

I also love "Dance With My Father", Céline's version is very touching!!

The first time I heard Celine sing "Dance with my Father" it made me cry & it touched me deeply I lost my Dad in 1998...I wouldn't be able to listen to it today...Even though the song isn't in Celine's show, I wonder if she'll sing it tonight in memory of her Dad... if she does there won't be a dry eye in the colosseum including Celine's!!!!!
Luther sings it beautiful too but it's more meaningful & touching to hear a daughter singing it about her Dad, so Celine's version is more meaningful to me & far more beautiful...like I always say there's Celine & then everyone else, no one compares...