Can You Guess The Song?

2013/06/17 3:00AM Canada (English)

Let’s test your knowledge! Do you know which French-language song these lyric are from?

Écris-moi des lignes
Qui swiguent comm' du Sting
Qui sonnent
Comm' du Jackson

(English Translation)
Write me some lines
That swing like Sting
That sound
Like Jackson

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Des Mots Qui Sonnent of course. One of my favourite Celine songs.
In this album there is another song that i like very much - Piaf chanterait du rock. Along with very emblematic songs from Celine. The classic (for me of curse) and beautiful L'amour existe encore. The enigmatic Le blues du businessman and the unforgetabel Je danse dans ma tête. Not forgeting Ziggy.

Celine, René,
... I'm gonna stand, stand by your side / Kiss all your tears away tonight / I'm gonna stand, stand by your side / Make you believe again / I wanna look in your eyes now and see you smiling again ....
Hope you are felling better. Love you

Des Mots Qui Sonnent. My 3rd Favorite Celine's French songs (after On ne change pas and Tous les secrets). I love it. I'm from THE PHILIPPINES. ^_^

Des mots qui sonnent,,, this song is amazing <3

Des Mots Qui Sonnent ofcourse,, my very first French song of Celine I heard on the radio and made me a fan

Elle est mon idéal, la plug grand étoile

Des mots qui sonnent


Des Mots Qui Sonnent