Belgian Fans Enter To Win ‘Céline une seule fois/Live 2013’

2014/04/16 3:00AM Canada (English)

Residents of Belgium can now enter a new contest organized by Sony Music Entertainment Belgium for a chance to win the first copy of ‘Céline une seule fois/Live 2013’. Good luck!

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Good luck! Smile I'm going to buy the DVD/CDs on the day they get released. I'll have one of my last presentations before I complete my studies at university the weekend just before the DVD gets released, so buying and watching the DVD and listening to the CDs will be a big reward afterwards Smile Thank you Céline, I love you! <3

Good luck everyone who can enter! Laughing out loud

Good luck Belgian fans Laughing out loud!!!!!

I love you Céline & Rene, I pray that you will get through this.
& please don't apologize, we all understand what you're going through
& that you need to be with Rene right now
I will always have all the love and respect for you both,
no matter what<3

Why only in Belgium? I´m from Austria and was in Antwerp only for the Concert it was so great! When they make something for the Austrian or German fans?

I SO BADLY want this DVD but I came from Lithuania and if pre-order it high cost because there is many taxing in my country if i send something from USA or Canada.