And The Second Single From ‘Sans attendre’ Is….

2012/10/28 3:00AM Canada (English)

After being captivated by “Parler à mon père”, discover the second single, “Le miracle”, from Celine’s new album ‘Sans attendre’. Celine sings about seeing miracles in everyday life and believing in them.

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I love this song. Very beautyful....I love all the songs from "Sans Attendre".

Celine i love you forever!!!

I have just heard the complete song. I think it's a good song but it's not as good as "Parler a mon pere". It shouldn't have been released as a single. There are other songs which have much more potential than "Le miracle" on the album.

It's a great choice, really. This song has so much potential, and so much emotion in the interpretation than Parler à mon père. I never was captivated, and I'm not the only one, by Parler à mon père. Although everyone can be touched by the lyrics, and the message for someone they've lost, the song was too much of an easy-listening track, formatted for radio airing. Artistically, it did lack something (an instrumental bridge as in En attendant ses pas or On ne change pas for instance). The production seemed like it was an unfinished song, that was very bad for a first single in five years. She didn't have to belt for big notes if she didn't want to, but it sounded cheap to just alternate chorus and verse with no instrumental interlude. And that killed the emotion of the song when they could have taken advantage of the mid-tempo Hispanic/oriental melody to create something great. But I'm not here to teach Jacques Veneruso how to produce a good song. Other young French artists like Stanislas, David Gategno or John Mamann do a much better job, even Marc Dupré did a much better job on On s'est aimé à cause back in 2007, than what Veneruso did on D'elles. Anyway, that's their call. The only appeal that Parler à mon père had was Thierry Vergnes' wonderful music video, and it seems that Celine put a lot of herself in the conception and the making.
Le Miracle is a very promising song, from what we've heard so far, and so is the music video shot in Terrebonne, once again directed by the great Thierry Vergnes. Annie Horth did an amazing job with Celine's wardrobe once again. Now let's hope the entire song will live up to our expectations. The answer... Tomorrow!

I wanted "Les jours comme ca" to be the second single.

I don't know if I like "Le miracle" or not because I haven't heard the complete song yet. I hope it is as good as "Parler a mon pere".

Super excited Laughing out loud, can't wait to hear full version of "Le Miracle".

Awesome choice!!! I really like the previews!

I can't wait for this amazing album!!!!

"Le Miracle" é uma bela canção, espero que o clipe sai logo Smile
Mal posso esperar pelo lançamento de "Sans Attendre", quero muito que a Sony lance aqui no Brasil!

"Le Miracle" is a beautiful song, I hope the video comes out soon Smile
I can not wait for the release of "Sans attendre," I really want Sony to launch here in Brazil!

This is amazing! Already a new single and a new video. Thanks, these are the news I love the most, keep working on the music side!!! Laughing out loud

Hush now... I see a light in the sky! A New Day Will Come

Argh!!!! Can't wait for the CD and the new music video!!!! XD I'm buying the deluxe version, but i'll have to wait till 6th November for it's release in Malaysia Sad

i want to buy this cd!
And i'll show off to all my family!
Good luck,my beloved

I want this CD!!!!!!!!!!
In a week my dream will come true!!!!!!! Smile