Ain’t Gonna Look The Other Way

2014/06/28 3:00AM Canada (English)

Were you able to fill in the blanks yesterday? The missing lyrics are ‘ready or not you closed it up again’, ‘if you got something to hide’ and ‘all the reasons why’ from the song “Ain’t Gonna Look The Other Way”, written by Tracy Ackerman, Anders Bagge and Peer Astrom. This was a previously unreleased song that was included on the ‘A New Day… Live in Las Vegas’ album, which celebrated its 10th anniversary this month! What’s your favourite track off this album?

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"Ain't Gonna Look The Other Way" would make a fantastic addition to Celine's Las Vegas show. It would also fit perfectly well on "The Collector's Series - Volume Two," if one were to ever be released.

I hope Celine sings this song live someday it really truly is AMAZING!!!!! Laughing out loud
and I hope she also sings You and I someday as well Laughing out loud they both are REALLY INCREDIBLE SONGS!!!!! Laughing out loud

what about a short video of the recording sessions for the song Ain’t Gonna Look The Other Way as a reward for the right answere? Smile

One of my favourite Céline songs and definitely my favourite on the album (together with "You and I") Smile