10 Years Of ‘A New Day… Live In Las Vegas’

2014/06/16 3:00AM Canada (English)

This month marks the 10th anniversary of ‘A New Day… Live in Las Vegas’, Celine’s first English-language live album release. The album features 13 live tracks from her incredibly successful first Las Vegas residency. This compilation is a fantastic souvenir for fans who wish to live and relive magic moments from ‘A New Day…’!

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Has anyone seen this video??? Laughing out loud
it is so adorable and touching!!
the song is called Ordinary Miracle by Sarah McLachlan with pictures of Eddy and Nelson Laughing out loud
I found it on YouTube a while back an I love it and I want to share it Laughing out loud

This is a great album and I love the performances from my heart will go on, if I could, and et Je t'aime but I have to say I like the DVD in 2007 a lot better Smile
But I do LOVE the studio recorded songs from this CD ain't gonna look the other way and you and I and the one year one heart DVD A LOT as well Wink
I love you so much!!!!! Laughing out loud

The news is about Celine's album "A New Day... Live in Las Vegas" but why there is a cover of Celine's album "A New Day Has Come"?

Best regards from Poland

An album that is best forgotten. The first Vegas show ruined Celine's voice, and it took nearly 10 years for her to get it back.

I love the live album and especially the DVD of the first Vegas show! But I'm still asking myself if Céline was ill when they recorded the live album because her voice sounds so strange, especially during "Because You Loved Me"...? Anyway, congrats for the 10-year anniversary! Laughing out loud