“Loved Me Back To Life” On VEVO

2013/11/08 11:49AM Canada (English)

Watch Celine’s performance of “Loved Me Back To Life”, from her October 29 show at the Edison Ballroom in New York City. Her new album ‘Loved Me Back To Life’ is now available.

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I can't believe Loved Me Back To Life does not have a music video, I would like to understand why.

Where's the Loved Me Back To Life music video?
How can her francophone album got 2 mvs while this isn't?

Yeah I don't understand your comment either Justin Sad
This performance was AMAZING!!!!!! I felt my heart raise up and I got the chills! Laughing out loud there is never a bad Celine Dion concert or performance! And if ever Celine gets sick or if she gets a cold then the power in her voice takes over! You are the best Celine you can do anything and sing anything!!!!! Smile there is no one like you Wink!!!!! And please Celine release some music videos for your new songs at least release one for LMBTL! Please Celine I know it would be amazing Laughing out loud!!!!!!
Love you forever Celine Smile!!!!!

Celine, PLEASE, don't leave us without a video for the lead-single of your album. Please, please, please, don't do that to your fans.

R. Tafuri - www.blurrei.com

For me this song is marvelous!!!…I didn't understand your comment Justin.

It would be amazing to see Celine soon in the "Loved Me Back To Life" Tour!!

I don't know why but I feel a little bit uncomfortable when Celine sings live the refrain of "Loved Me Back To Life". Without any doubt, there is something wrong with her voice ... if you compare it to the studio version and live (?) performance in Quebec.