“Loved Me Back To Life” In Its Entirety Coming Soon!

2013/09/02 11:00AM Canada (English)

Just a little bit more patience Celine fans! Make sure you come back to CelineDion.com shortly after midnight tomorrow morning, September 3 to discover “Loved Me Back To Life”, the first single from Celine’s new English-language album coming out this November. Start counting down the hours!

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Put in for my copy!

I just might change my mind and let you in my life forever!

Finally there's hope for all living things.........it was the sweetest "Download" button I had ever pressed on iTunes.....enjoying this great song with my cuppa, and not a care in the world...thank you Celine for loving the world back to life.


That is awesome! I am glad it is available in the UK.
This song is too amazing for everyone not to enjoy it.
I love it!

Thank you for letting me know.

Have a great day!

@ Dave313.

It's available in iTunes UK. You have to use the link on the TeamCeline page.

@ Fifelad

I hate that it is not available in the UK. I thought it released in the US and the UK at the same time. I hope it is available soon. This song is too amazing not to have!

@ firelad
You are able to pre order the album right now on this website at the boutique I just now checked it out and it has the delux version the regular version and a loved me back to life T Shirt Smile!!!!!

Not available in the UK. How disappointing.

I'm listening to it right now and I'm shaking and crying its AMAZING I LOVE it's defiantly a big favorite of mine Smile
YOU LOVED THIS WORLD BACK TO LIFE!!!!! Laughing out loud

Ok cya I'm downloading now Smile a revoir

It's on iTunes already!!!

27 minutes to go I'm listening to surprise surprise by Celine waiting impatiently I can't wait!!!!! Now 25 minutes Laughing out loud and now I'm listening to next plane out! Now 24 mins left Wink

Just under and hour to goooo,Can't wait ...


Have just kept on checking it on iTunes since last night. The teaser for this single released back in few days has made me impatient to hear the full song, CAN'T WAIT!!!

En México también ya estamos listos, faltan escasas dos horas #LovedMeBackToLife

No hay peor fracaso que el no saber como ser feliz - Céline Dion (My Story, My Dream)


Here in Brazil all your fans are waiting impatiently for your new single and Album as well. My God, when is this going to be released? I can not wait anymore. Stop making suspense.

Arthur Sena Fischer

The single hasn't been released yet? How could you have downloaded it?

Where did u download the single from??

just downloaded the song...and went straight as my ringtone in its full volume!!!! i sooo love you CELINE!!!!

I'm in Scotland and have to wait until around 5am for this single. So excited.

Awwww I can't wait Wink

counting down the hours!!! can't wait for this single...so good! and even more, i can't wait for the album to drop! can't hold in the excitement!!!

I believe we're able to download the song at midnight!!!!!
I cannot wait another second Smile!!!!!

What time do we get the song??

I'm so exited, I can't wait!!! Big smile

Can't wait too! Some hours left! ♥ ♥ ♥

I Love You Celine,
Neli, Bulgaria ♥

I Can not wait, iv been looking at the live TV Version on youtube all week over and over, its a side of her i have not really seen, LOVE IT!


I'm so impatient!! Hoping it's available on iTunes UK after midnight! Love the song so much Smile

C.A.N.T W.A.I.T., literally!!! I've never been so excited for a Celine Dion english song since A New Day Has Come, and that's 11 years ago!!!

Hush now... I see a light in the sky! A New Day Will Come

I'm sooooooooooooooooo excited!!!
What time zone you mean???

Is it available for download in the U.K????

I've got school tomorrow but I don't care I'm downloading Loved me back to life at midnight and listening to it all night long Smile!!!!! Will the single be on the music section of this website by tomorrow too and what about a music video????? Smile ooooooooooooooooooo I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!! Smile can't wait another second!!!!! Laughing out loud

Can't wait!!!

I'll be here tomorrow for sure!

I love you Céline!