The “Le miracle” Video Is Here!

2012/11/20 1:10AM Canada (English)

We know you’ve been impatiently awaiting the video and now it’s finally here! Watch the video for Celine’s second single “Le miracle” from her new album ‘Sans attendre’ and let us know what you think!

Le Miracle

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Celine you are amazing, you look amazing. you are are superstar.
A superstar should be promoted by the very best people.
This video is one big mess.
The guy who edited this can't edit videos. The transitions are bad, slow and at the wrong timing and there is not much shots with Celine in it. That is too bad. Because you have all the cards to make a perfect video - you have a beautiful location, you have Celine looking stunning, but the endresult is like I said one big mess. It looks like somebody created it who just learned how to work with premiere elements and who does not have a clue how to make transitions.
Celine I know you are demanding when recording songs, you know what to do and what not to do, please be involved with your videos too. Because is just...not good. You deserve way better!

I love so much this song! cant have enough of this beautiful video! THANK YOU CELINE!!!!!


i may not know frnech but this song just made me cry, her voice is just so beautiful and so powerful, i love her soo muchhh and this touched me , Celine you truly are the best singer there is, and i am so blessed to have such an amazing inspiration like you, i adore you and your music, and words cant explain that feeling becuae its so powerful. you mean the world to me and to many others. you make a very pround and happy fan. i cant wait to meet you in january, and i telll you all of this in person and just give you a really big and tight hug, we all love you so dearly.

Celine, youre my world, my life, my everything! I simply adore you so much <3 #celinish

VIDEO AWESOME... Amazing job! and Celine... OMG... a QUEEN <3. GORGEOUS!

I love the video. Makes me feel Happy! Laughing out loud
And nanana bit is catchy! lol


"Kindness is a mark of faith, and whoever is not kind has no faith." (Muslim)

so so beautiful this video, love it and Celine looks so beautiful Smile can't wait for the english album
i love you celine
Duniel your fan #1

Beautiful music clip also more than beautiful .... love you Celine

Awwww WoooooW I already know ,.... quelle vidéo *___* !!!! Celine singing this song very beautiful and with her incredible voice .. ! I really appreciate her new album which is one of the best! All her new songs are very beautiful and touch my heart really deep inside *_* I love Celine Dion so much that words can't describe .. ! CELINE IS THE BEST!!! <3

Disappointed. They had all the cards to make something splendid, nice outdoor footage, nice look with that black leather jacket, beautiful hairdo, nice shots on the sofa, and Thierry Vergnes ruined it all with very bad editing. I had faith in him, but this looks like amateur work. It spends an eternity showing people still in the air, and yet we can't see Celine sing a whole sentence even once, she's always cut, it makes no sense. And the transitions are way too slow, and we can't see any of the Celine footage clearly. It could have had less of this:

And a little more of this:

But OH MY GOD, does she look STUNNING or what!!! Love her !!!!

O vídeo clipe é maravilhoso, eu adorei..."o milagre está em toda parte, meu amor" te amo Celine!

The video is wonderful, I loved it ... "the miracle is everywhere, my love" i love you Celine!

I loved this video
Celine is amazing Love

It's a great video...but then again, everything Celine does is great. Happy Thanksgiving, Celine. I love you...

Your fan,


This Album is amazing! I love all Your songs. Greetings from Poland. We miss You


she is just STUNNING in this video clip, I LOVED IT ! so well made, congratulations to Celine and her producters Smile

great video with extraordinary quote from einstein
CELINE DION is truly MIRACLE to the world

It's perfect Smile.
Céline looks lovely♥

I'll be waiting for you
Here inside my ♥

Prague ♥

Antwerp ♥

I love this videoooooo!!!!!!!
I love you Celine!!!!!!! Smile

Wow! Just wonderful! ♥

I Love You Celine,
Neli, Bulgaria ♥

Le video etait magnifique!!!!!Bravo Celine!!!!