A “Glam-Rock” Look For Celine

2013/08/03 3:00AM Canada (English)

What did Celine wear during her exceptional “Céline… une seule fois” concert on the Plains of Abraham in Quebec? In a recent interview, Celine’s stylist Annie Horth shared that since this was a summer show, she and Celine decided to create a “rock” look for Celine with a good dose of glamour. Celine and Annie selected four different outfits from four different designers for Celine to wear during the evening. They chose creations by Balmain, Atelier Versace, Elie Saab and for the first time, a creation by French designer Alexandre Vauthier. What did you think of Celine’s fabulous outfits?

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I adore her style when she sing - Qui peut vivre sans amour.AMAZING

As always, Celine looked stunning in all her outfits, she has such magnificent style and taste and looks totally amazing. I can't wait for her new album to be released for the U.K. Do we know what date this is going to be please. I am saving very hard to try to get to see Celine again in Las Vegas, we so loved the show last March at Caesar's Palace. We love and admire you so much Celine. God Bless you and all your family and hope to see you again soon. Thank you for all your wonderful songs. You are a true inspiration to women all over the world.

oh you mean the one from my heart will go on omg I almost cried because she looked and sounded so beautiful Please release this concert as a DVD PLEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSEE
<3 I love you so much Celine <3

From the clips Ive found on the internet, they all look great! Celine always rocks it, whatever she's wearing! My personal favourite was where she wore all white with the gold!

She looked excellent, that rock style was super, great like hers. she´s great and her style too

Stunning as always

Oh no honey! I wouldn't call any of those looks she wore "glam rock." Personally the only look I liked was the first one. The second look didn't flatter Celine's figure. The Balmain dress was the wrong color and wrong collar. I didn't like the movement of the dress during "My Heart Will Go On." The final look was too simple. I love to see Celine in pants and blazers that are cut nicely and lots of sparkle from head to toe. And them heels! Wow!


...and how about some news on when and where her concert is broadcasted are they going to make a DVD of it as well!!!!!

How about some new album/new single news???

Would be nice to add some good quality photos to this news...

I think that Celine always has an awesome looks for me..
She always looks elegant, sexy, and amazing..
I think that she always looks young not 45 years old anymore..
I love that..

Love you, Celine..

I think she had the persect amount of changes for this concert! My faves were the opening outfit, (Alexander Vauthier), the Terre outfit, (Elie Saab) and the Loved Me Back To Life outfit, (Atlier Versace)
I am soooo glad that Annie came along! Celine looks so classy, chic and elegant!

How can you not love this woman!
"la vie n'a pas besoin d'être parfaite pour être merveilleuse"

I love all of Celine's outfits gowns dresses shoes jewelry hair make up everything I wish I had it all!! but I think out of all the years of Celine's career she looked the prettiest and the best in 2008 her hair her outfits her make up but then to be honest with I don't think she's changed a bit since! I think she looks the exact same now as she did 6 year ago! she's beautiful she always has been and always will and I wish I had her beauty!!!!! Smile
my favorite outfit designed by Annie Horth has to be her blue Titanic dress for this round of Vegas shows! my eyes were glued to that dress when I went to her concert in June!
<3 I love you for always Celine <3

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I love all her clothes in this concert! All of them were elegant and sexy!

In my opinion Annie Horth is THE perfect stylist for Celine, when I think back at the last few years of the wardrobe which Celine wears. Celine looked so absolut fantastic last saturday, I liked also her hair ( little bit more blond?). 'Glam-Rock'?! - 'Glam - bang'!!
But I pray that we fans can buy a concert recording very soon........I would like to feel the spirit around the concert - like in 2008 !!!!!


Amazing! I loved her look <3

They were amazing! Smile
Tell us more about Celine's new album <3