“Des mots qui sonnent” Revisited

2013/06/18 3:00AM Canada (English)

Did you guess the song yesterday? It's “Des mots qui sonnent”, first single from Celine’s 1991 album “Dion chante Plamondon”. In this pop-rock track, with lyrics and music by Luc Plamondon, Aldo Nova and Marty Simon, Celine asks songwriters to write her a song. Luc Plamondon and Aldo Nova even make an appearance in the video for “Des mots qui sonnent”. This song is from the early stage of Celine’s career but fans will get to see her perform it once again during her one-night only concert Céline… une seule fois on the Plains of Abraham in Quebec on July 27.

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oh thank you so much Lucie57 and Federica for commenting on what I had said about seeing Celine in Vegas sorry I'm thanking you a little late. I didn't meet Celine but I met her husband. he came walking out of the Colosseum doors and into the casino and my mom says hey is that Rene and I look up and freak out so we go over to where Rene came out and wait till he gets back and when he came walking up the steps my mom got his attention because I was too nervous I didn't even say a thing to him. so my mom introduces us and she told him that I am a huge fan of his wife and he looks down at me and smiles than she asked him that if he could could he tell Celine that that Leah from Ohio (my name and where I live) said hi and he said he would and I just lost it! wow what an honor!!!!! the 2nd best thing Smile I'll never ever forget it!!!!!
Thanks again for commenting Smile

J'apprécie ce video beaucoup !!!
Les chansons francophons de notre Céline, sont toutes formidables et les meilleures *___*

CÉLINE DION est , à mon avis, la MEILLEURE dans tout ce qu'elle fait ♥♥♥
J'aime Céline beaucoup ♥♥♥

wonderful clipe Smile

I love Celine's songs in French <3

"Des Mots Qui Sonnent" is my top favourite french song! <3

Have a great time Leah! Hope you meet Celine Smile

I am wishing you a great evening Leah. Enjoy every minute of the concert!

love Lucie xxx

Tu es la fierté du Québec et nous t'aimons tellement Céline car tu as su demeurer la même personne, tu as gardé tes valeurs et quand tu chantes c'est ton coeur qui parle.

Lucie S. (Ste-Thérèse, Québec, Canada)

I love this song Smile

I am in Vegas right now and I can't wait till tomorrow night when I get to see Celine Dion perform for the first time ever! I've never been so excited! My name is Leah Milligan I'm 15 years old I'm from Delaware Ohio and I'm more than proud to call Celine my one and only idle and I hope tomorrow I will get a chance to meet Celine before her concert like a lot of other fans have and if I get this chance I will cry! I love you Celine and cant wait to see you live tomorrow Smile