“Celle qui m’a tout appris” Video

2014/05/06 11:38AM Canada (English)
Watch the video for Celine’s latest single “Celle qui m’a tout appris” (The One Who Taught Me Everything). The song is included on ‘Celine une seule fois/Live 2013’. Preorder the DVD + 2CD or Blu-ray + 2 CD set at The Boutique today!

Céline Dion - Chromeless single player for website newsflashes - Celine Dion

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WOW Celine I am so touched by your performance!!!!! Laughing out loud you share out so much through your songs and through your voice especially with the songs you sing for the ones you love the most we can just see it in your eyes and hear it in your voice!!!!! Laughing out loud we all love you so much Celine and thank you for sharing your love and so much more through out your whole life Laughing out loud there is nobody in the world who will ever be like you Celine!!!!!
I love you so much Celine!!!!! Laughing out loud

Such a beautiful song! And it's so cute to see how much Céline's mum is touched by the lyrics Smile Can't wait for the DVD!!

Wow,what a splendid performing.Listening the song on YouTube is a stroke of lucky for me

willl it ever be in english??? xx

Dedicated fan since 2009