“Celle qui m’a tout appris” Released In Canada Today

2014/04/29 3:00AM Canada (English)

The new single from Celine’s latest French-language album ‘Sans attendre’ can be heard on Canadian radio stations starting today! Celine sings about her mother in this song. This Mother’s Day, how will you pay tribute to your mother?

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Why only in Canada?!?? Sad

Congrats, Céline! When will the 'Incredible' music video be released in the US?

Another single which for sure will not become a hit like all your previous choices from "Sans Attendre", except "Parler a Mon Pere".
What about taking chances, guys at Sony Music? Why you don't choose "Les Jours Comme Ca" to be Celine's next French single and then focus on recording a music video for this great and radio-friendly song with so huge potential?
Why there is still no music videos for "Somebody Loves Somebody" and "Loved Me Back to Life"? Why "Somebody Loves Somebody" is still not released as the single in the UK? Summer is coming and this song seems to be more than perfect to listen to during sunny days! Instead you decided to release "Breakaway" a few months ago that has had no success at all on the British charts!!! So take a lesson and make "Somebody Loves Somebody" Celine's new UK single - simply because people will love it!!!

I wish Celine's French singles would be released in America as well!! Smile Who cares if it isn't our native language!!!
Anyway I love this song so much and I CANNOT WAIT to hear and see her perform this song on the Une Seule Fois DVD Laughing out loud can't the release date come any sooner????!!!! Wink Laughing out loud
I love you so much Celine!!!!! Laughing out loud