“Celle qui m’a tout appris”, New Single From ‘Sans attendre’

2014/04/12 3:00AM Canada (English)

Just a few weeks shy of Mother’s Day, fans can enjoy “Celle qui m’a tout appris”, the latest single from Celine’s French-language album ‘Sans attendre’. With this song, Celine pays tribute to her mother Thérèse. How about you, what is the biggest lesson your mother has taught you?

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Yes, I agree that "Les jours comme ça" would have been the best choice for a single, but unfortunately, it's only a bonus track, so it's not very likely that it will ever be released as a single :-/
But still I think that "Celle qui m'a tout appris" is a good choice Smile

Lol 1 1/2 year later? Can you do that?


Thats cool. Hope to get a music video. Actually, no I'd rather have at least one music video for the English album she released 6 months ago.

I also think Celle qui m'a tout appris is a good choice Laughing out loud its a GREAT choice Laughing out loud My 5 Top favorites from this album are les Petits Pieds De Lea je n'ai pas besoin d'amour Celle qui m'a tout Appris, Si je n'ai rien de Toi, and Parler a Mon Pere Laughing out loud
I know how much this song must mean to Celine and her mom because of all the things her mom has done for her her whole life especially making her dream come true as a singer and so much more Laughing out loud so this song is the perfect song for the new single Laughing out loud
Thank you so much Celine for having such amazing songs Laughing out loud
I love you so much Laughing out loud

Very good choice!!!!!
It's an amazing song, I love it!!!!!!
It's one of my favourite songs on the album

Not a good choice in my opinion.
Celine, please release "Les Jours Comme Ca" as the next single from "Sans Attendre"!!! This song has a huge potential to be your next international hit! And I don't understand why there is still no official music video for "Somebody Loves Somebody", another great hit song. It's a little bit sad that only "Parler a Mon Pere" achieved moderate success, but it's obvious ... taking into account wrong single choices.

I didn't know they were still releasing singles from "Sans attendre"! Laughing out loud "Celle qui m'a tout appris" is a good choice in my opinion Smile It's one of my favourites on the album and I loved Céline's performance of the song in Paris! <3