“Calling You”

2014/04/10 3:00AM Canada (English)

Did you guess the song yesterday? The lyrics are from “Calling You”, theme song from the movie Bagdad Café, written by Bob Telson. This rare performance was captured on Celine’s live album ‘À l’Olympia’. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the album that was recorded over two sold-out concerts in France as part of The Colour Of My Love Tour. By performing at the Olympia theatre in Paris Celine fulfilled life-long dream.

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This is my favorite live album by far! Smile

Your right its on the A l'olimpia Album not the falling into you album. It was Your Light that I was actually thinking of Wink and honestly I don't think I've ever listened this song before, I've just heard of it, and same goes with your light, I guess that's why I got them mixed up Wink
Love you for ever Celine Laughing out loud