“The Prayer” Performed on American Idol

2012/05/25 3:00AM Canada (English)

During the May 22 final performance night of singing competition American Idol, finalist Jessica Sanchez performed “The Prayer”. The song, originally performed as a duet by Celine and Andrea Bocelli is included on Celine’s ‘My Love: Ultimate Essential Collection’ and is a favourite in vocal competitions. Jessica had previously performed “The Prayer” on the show and chose it once again as one of her final songs. What did you think of Jessica Sanchez’s performance?

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n'a ni est unique par rapport à celine

it was probably lipped and awful because American Idol is the worst show ever!

I just might change my mind and let you in my life forever!

i think jessica sang it beautifully, but no one can sing it like celine ..... shes the one and only one that can sing it perfectly, it is a difficult song to sing but i do give jessica credit that she did very well in singing it . to me jessica shouldve won because that song was strong an she did it very well

Celine, youre my world, my life, my everything! I simply adore you so much <3 #celinish

They can copy all they want but she is no Celine...Sanchez is good but I wouldn't pay to see her or buy her CD I only buy Celine's CD's & only want to attend Celine's concerts...as far as duets these kids are in a contest with each other & they shouldn't sing with Icons because all I could think of was how great Jennifer Holliday was... she overpowered & overshadowed Jessica Idol producers should have let Jennifer Holliday sing it by herself & Jessica should have sat down & taken notes...
PS "And I'm telling you" That is Jennifer Holliday's signature song not Jennifer Hudsons!!!& no one compares to Celine & Andrea singing "The Prayer"

@blackwidow Yes, another singer that Philippines must be proud of Smile <3

Pursue Excellence and Success will Pursue You.

Jessica's performance was incredible! Almost as good as Céline's Wink

Wow, she's going viral. I can't believe there's so much controversy about this topic. i'm happy for her even if she didn't win. She'll be big, as we can witness now. But in my opinion she was great. I loved it! I found myself singing along with her, haha, but her performance with Jennifer Holiday was AMAAZING. I loved every single second of that performance. Smile Kudos to Jessica! Sixteen just like me. hahaha. Great work!

Another Philippines pride Jessica Sanchez

I love "The Prayer"!!!

Great performance of Jessica!!!! Celine must be pround of her Smile

Prefer to Celine all the way Smile

Her performance is very very good! Even though she didn't get the title, I'm still proud of her. By the way, I want a Jessica and Céline Duet. Smile I'm sure that would be awesome and an epic one. Smile

Pursue Excellence and Success will Pursue You.

Jessica is very good but Celine is the best!! Smile <3


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