‘We Love Céline’ On NRJ 12 On December 20

2012/12/16 4:00AM Canada (English)

Celine will be the guest of honour in a television special titled ‘We Love Céline’ on French channel NRJ 12 on December 20 at 10:40pm. Many artists such as Pascal Obispo, Maurane, Emmanuel Moire and Corneille will join Celine on stage to pay her tribute. Don’t miss this great evening filled with exceptional duets and incredible emotions!

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Great news indeed but i do hope once her english album came in 2013 she will promote the album the way she promotes her french coz its as if she promotes more on her french side than the english hmmmm =(

I love Celine! why can't I be on that show Smile

The greatest reward is the sound of your voice,
The Greatest Voice Ever! ♥

I want to watch, I love Celine Smile

That's great news!!!!!

Wow!!!!!!! I can't wait!!!!! Smile