‘VÉRONIC Voices’

2014/04/26 3:00AM Canada (English)

Impersonator Véronic DiCaire, who opened for Celine on the Taking Chances Tour in Montreal, returns to the Las Vegas Strip with her show ‘Véronic Voices’ which is co-produced by Celine and her husband René. Catch Véronic live at Bally’s Las Vegas from April 24 to October 18. Follow the link for tickets: http://bit.ly/1hdL9eV

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@graysonkey: That's what I'd like to do as well! Laughing out loud plus Shania Twain because she's my best friend's favourite singer Wink

I am so looking forward to seeing Veronic's show on the 26th June & also getting to meet her too yeay!! Roll on June where I'll be back to my lovely Las Vegas!!! Laughing out loud

Maybe on my next trip to Vegas I'll get to see Céline AND Véronic.

Veronic has a great voice and I think it is amazing that Celine and Rene are her co-producer and I would love to see her show someday Smile

I'd love to see Véronic live one day! I think she has an amazing talent and it's great that Céline and René support her! Laughing out loud