‘Unfinished Song’ Released In More Cities

2013/06/29 3:00AM Canada (English)

Good news for fans in North America! Since its US release in Los Angeles and New York last week, the British film ‘Unfinished Song’ is enjoying great success. This weekend, the film is released in even more US cities so fans in Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Dallas, Sherman Oaks, Pasadena, Irvine, Phoenix, San Francisco and San Diego can watch it! Click here to find a theatre in the United States showing the movie. Canadians also have the chance to see the film; it hits theatres in Toronto this weekend and will open in Montreal on July 5. The film’s end-credit track “Unfinished Songs” recorded by Celine, will be featured on her upcoming English-language album.

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I have already become obsessed with this song and it hasn't even come out yet (besides in theatres) and I have also become obsessed with her 3 unreleased songs that she recorded a while back: is nothing sacred anymore, would I know and all because of you! and I was just thinking that maybe if its not too late that maybe Celine could record these songs again and add them to her Water and a Flame album. Just a thought! Laughing out loud does anyone else agree with me on this?????

I want to launch in Brazil, it sure is a great film Smile

"Unfinished Songs" is the first single from the new album?

That's amazing! but what about Columbus or Polaris, Ohio??????? :/ we'd really like to see the movie here too!!!!! we really want to hear Celine sing unfinished songs here too!!!!!

Can't wait for Italy!<3