‘Sans attendre’ Wins A Felix Award!

2013/10/23 11:22AM Canada (English)

Celine’s French album ‘Sans attendre’ was named Best-Selling Album Of The Year during yesterday’s ADISQ pre-award show! Celine is also nominated in five other categories - tune in this Sunday, October 27 at 7:30pm (ET) for the full Gala de l’ADISQ 2013 on Radio-Canada. The show will also be broadcast simultaneously on the channel’s website. Congratulations, Celine!

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Celine is the best ever, I love this album <3

Congratulations Celine!!!!

I love this album, 'Sans Attendre'. Smile

Congratulation Celine!

congrats! this is celine's first award for an album since ages! at last!

My favorite French albums from1987-2012 are
1-Sans Attendre
3-S'il Suffisait D'aimer
4-On Ne Change Pas
5-1 File & 4 Types
7-Dion Chante Plamondon

Then my favorite songs from Sans Attendre are
1-Les Petits Pieds De Lea
2-Je N'ai Pas Besoin D'amour
3-Parler A Mon Pere
4-Le Miracle
5-Celle Qui M'a Tout Appris
6-Si Je N'ai Rien De Toi
7-Que Toi Au Monde
8-Une Chance Qu'une S'a
10-L'amour Peut Prendre Froid
11-Qui Peut Vivre Sans Amour
12-Moi Quand Je Pleure
13-Les Jours Comme Ca
14-Ne Me Quitte Pas
15-Le Mer Et L'enfant
16-Tant De Temps

Je t'Aime Celine Smile!!!!!
And congrats again Celine for the awards and for all the nominations Smile you deserve it all Laughing out loud!!!!!!!

I really enjoy almost every song on this album (excluding duets, as I don't like too many duets at all) and I love the artwork as well, as it's very original, creative and ... different from all typical artworks.

Congratulations Celine!
I love Sans Attendre, it's a great album Smile
And I can't wait untill November 5th when the album Loved me back to life comes out!



I love "Sans Attendre". It's her best French album. But I hate the artwork.

My favourite French albums are: "Sans Attendre", "D'elles" and "1Fille & 4 Types".

And let's not forget the World Music Awards on December 20th Celine is nominated as best female artist of the year, best album (Sans Attendre) of the year, best live act of the year and best entertainer of the year!!!!! Smile
Congrats Celine on the Felix award and all your nominations Laughing out loud!!!!!
Lets all be sure to vote for Celine we all know she deserves to win in all the categories more than anyone else!!!!!!! So let's all start voting now for Celine!!!!! Laughing out loud Laughing out loud