‘Sans attendre’ Named Album Of The Year

2013/10/28 12:00PM Canada (English)

Celine’s latest French album ‘Sans attendre’ won a Félix award for Adult Contemporary Album Of The Year during yesterday’s Gala de l’ADISQ 2013. Congratulations, Celine!

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I thought I would love this song because I am starting over in a new relationship. I found the words to the song on the internet. I am very disappointed now. The 4th word is "pissed". This song is going to make you millions the song writer will make a ton of money and I thought these intelligent minds plus your owns could have thought of a more expressive more appropriate word than "pissed". I guess the all mighty buck is all you are focused on not the quality of the song.


"Sans Attendre" is an amazing album. It deserves to win.

The best French album ever.

The worst artwork ever.

Congratulations, Celine! I'm so happy!

Ooooooooooooooooooo Celine congratulations I'm so proud of you you totally deserve this amazing award more than anyone Smile!!!!! Laughing out loud
Lots of love from your #1 fan Leah Wink!!!!!

I love you Céline & Rene, I pray that you will get through this.
& please don't apologize, we all understand what you're going through
& that you need to be with Rene right now
I will always have all the love and respect for you both,
no matter what<3