‘Sans attendre’, Album Of The Year?

2013/10/16 3:00AM Canada (English)

French radio station RTL needs your help to name the 2013 RTL Album of the Year! You can vote for one of the sixteen nominated albums, including Celine’s ‘Sans attendre’. You have until October 20 to support Celine. Go ahead and vote now!

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I voted!!!!!! Though it took my a while bcause its in french but that didn't stop me Smile!!!!!!!

Voted Smile

Voted Smile

I'm definitely voting for sans Attendre it is the 4th best Celine Dion album ever and the #1 best Celine Dion French album Smile everyone vote for Celine!
And also December 20 is the world music awards and Celine has been nominated for best album (sans Attendre) best female artist best live act and best entertainer so lets start voting for Celine everyone Laughing out loud!!!!!

It deserves to be album of the year!
Let's vote for Celine Smile


Done! Wink

The best voice that my ears have heard.There are no words to describe Celine Dion! *6NV03*