‘Loved Me Back To Life’ Tops the Charts Across the Globe!

2013/11/13 2:07PM Canada (English)

Celine’s new album ‘Loved Me Back To Life’ is off to a incredible start! In Canada it debuted at #1 and is already certified triple platinum. It's the highest sales chart debut for any album in Canada since 2008! The album also reached the #1 position in Belgium and Holland and debuted at #2 on this week’s Billboard Top 200 album chart! The album is in the Top 5 in France, Switzerland, Austria and Middle East and on iTunes it reached #1 in 44 countries! Thank you to all the awesome fans for making this happen!

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The album is a success 15,000 copies were distributed in Brazil.

video clip?????

I'm so proud of you, Celine! You truly deserve it!

Celine u are number one to me this album is amazing I love all of the songs especially at seventeen it anniys me that in Australia and America there not selling like the other countries where it is selling instead we have miley and rianna this is rubbish you should be number one you dont sing filth like they do you sing with such emotion and you sing because you love to sing all I play fir my unborn girlis your music both french and english you will be her role model and inspiration just like you are to me thats why it will be an honor to name my girl celine after my idol. You are perfect in every way

20131031_121706.jpg202.63 KB

Good job!!! Congrats Celine....slay them all... lols.... i just hope they will release a music video for the album hmft!

So we're currently at 223 million sold?! Yay lol.

Ps... you forgot to make music videos!!!

Ain continueCongratulations to you Celine and your lovely family.I have been a ever going fan of yours through the many years of total enjoyment of all your music,both live and video. I first saw you perform on late night tv many years ago and knew that you were going to all the way to the top. My wife and I just had to see you in concert at the opening of our Bank Atlantic concert center in Sunrise Florida.Your performance was such a memorable one that we returned two years later for your next event.Just remarkable!! We were so pleased with the other incredible talents you had. I had the pleasure of seeing you at your Nickels in Pompano,Florida around 1999 when you paid a quick visit.I have a collection of many of your videos,including your appearance with the BGs in Las Vegas.Also the 3d live performance remembering Michael Jackson.Remarkable!! My wife and I saw your video to other countries which was really nice.We saw you on the today show recently when you sang your newest from the new release.As always,its going to be number one. We sent you a card to the hospital congratulating you and your husband on your lovely twins.Do hope it reached you. We will be on the lookout for your return to S.Florida.Cant get enough of your love songs.Your fan.Richard and Carol Cardozo. ccar178@aol.com.

Celine is and always will be #1 to me. I absolutely love this CD. My heart will always go on and on for Celine!


I LOVE this CD I have listened to it every day since I got it...I was a very popular nightclub DJ in the 80's I played a lot of music I also did at wedding receptions & theres no doubt in my mind that Celine's duet with NeYo should cross over for Celine on the R&B charts...it's that good... any 20 something in love or anyone with a significant other, for that matter, will love the song "Incredible" it has a great 2 step beat for "old school" slow dancers.but the CD as a whole is fantastic!!!!! 5 exclamations...I love every song on "Loved me back to life" I was in a coma(depression) from my mom's passing in 1998 until I saw Celine live on Jan 3, 2009 since then I have seen Celine 8 times she "Brought me back to life"...life from a coma...I love you ...Celine!!!!!

Already number 2 in the album chart in the UK Smile
And number 10 in the singles chart (highest position in years)

So happy this album is doing so well in this country. The promotion has been great though and can't wait to see her perform 'Breakaway' on Strictly Come Dancing on December 15th Smile

Love her Smile

Yeeeeees......Celine is back where she belongs......AT THE TOP!!! Smile

"Je Cherche l'Ombre"


Wow Celine congratulations big time Laughing out loud!!!!
but I am also disappointed because I just checked iTunes and it said Celine was #30!!! Sad
what it looks like is they take what ever new albums is released and make it "#1" and then then when the next album is released it makes #1 etc....
it makes me so mad!!!!! and the fact that Celine is #1 and #2 and in the top 5 in so many countries and is #1 on iTunes in 44 countries proves she is so much better than any one and I don't know why it seems the US doesn't pick up on that instead they go after miley cyrus lady gaga and all that crap and that's why I hate living here most of the time! the bad stars are just making it awful!!!!! it makes no since! I just want to cry Sad
I would love for the USA to be one of the countries in the list of where Celine is #1 I would love to see Celine's face on an American magazine instead of Miley cyrus smoking a cigarette or what ever! life would be so much better with Celine and I hope to hear you on the radio soon Smile
congrats again Celine for world wide success you are the best Smile continue doing what you are doing Celine and don't change anything nobody could be more perfect than you! love you forever and I hope to see some new music videos soon Smile
love from your #1 fan Leah Milligan Smile

these pictures are of me and my whole family after my church confirmation last year in November in my living room Smile
the top one is of me and my closest family members on my mom's side and the bottom one is of me and my closest family members on my dads side Smile
just thought I'd share this with you guys like the way Celine shares her family us Smile me and Celine have A LOT in common when in comes to family Wink
love you Celine forever

192545_303116456457122_1804990043_o.jpg237.91 KB
59089_303116033123831_643530343_n.jpg83.06 KB

[b][/b]It's fantastic news! [b][/b]
In Poland 'Loved Me Back to Life' already certified gold... I hope will better.
Congratulations Celine! I love you!
I wish to see your performance in future! Wink

I Love You Celine And I'm Proud Of It!