‘Loved Me Back To Life’ Live Performance

2014/05/12 3:00AM Canada (English)

Last summer, Celine debuted “Loved Me Back To Life”, the title-track and first single from her latest studio album, during her unique one-night only concert on the Plains of Abraham in Quebec City. Watch her live performance below! Soon you'll be able to experience the magic of the entire ‘Céline…une seule fois’ concert over and over from the comfort of your own home! Preorder ‘Céline une seule fois/Live 2013’ and enjoy great presale offers from The Boutique!

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You are the person that I want to meet in this world Smile

Does this DVD's backstage, pre or post show action, come with English subtitles? If so I'm buying it! Plz let us know ASAP. Thanx!!!

Amazing performance!!!!! Laughing out loud and I cannot wait till the release date!!!!! Laughing out loud
But I have to agree with MuhaMasoud!! can you please get back with us about the incredible music video TeamCeline it's been way too long of a wait and I am so scared that it will never be released so will you please let us know about it!!?? And I found out about the 2014 world music awards and Celine's nominations for it about a month ago and in case there are some of you that don't know yet, it takes place at Montecarlo on the 27th of May Laughing out loud please vote for Celine if you havnt done so yet and please tell as many people as you can to vote for Celine as well!!!!! Laughing out loud

I was here and I can see bits of myself in this video. Can't wait for this Blu ray. Unfortunately, this is lipsynch, which is what I suspected on the actual night because the sound of her vocals changed. You don't even have to watch carefully. 3:22 is a good example and you can always hear the difference between live and pre recorded sound. Felt let down!

Sans Attendre Tour, Paris, France-25, 26, 29, 30 November and 01 December 2013; Une Seule Fois, Québec, Québec, Canada-27 July 2013; Taking Chances World Tour, Paris, France-21, 24 May 2008; Taking Chances World Tour, UK-03, 08 and 10 May 2008; A New Day.

Why "Céline une seule fois / Live 2013 [2014 DVD + 2CD]" is not available for Brazil?

Eder Nascimento

*_______________* WoooooooW *_______________*

I really must say the Performances of our Céline are the BEST !!!!!

Elle est sans aucun doute la meilleure chanteuse du monde, il n'y aucune femme qui est aussi belle et charmante comme notre Céline. Elle est la plus belle voix du monde, Avec laquelle elle touche toujours mon coeur. Quand j'écoute les chansons de notre Céline j'ai toujours des sentiments incroyables... <3

Je sais que Céline restera ma seule et plus grande Idole pour toute l'éternité <3 *__* <3


I couldn't stop watching this performance on YouTube back in July last year! I was working on a paper and I used this video as a motivation (I only allowed myself to watch it after having written a certain number of words). Believe me, I've never written faster than this Wink
Can't wait for the DVD! In Switzerland, it is released this Friday (May 16th) already - only four days to go! Laughing out loud

Hi =)
I've been wondering, when is the release of Incredible's music video??
Been waiting for 4 months, it took way too long =(
Please reply!
Thanks =)
P.S you guys should totally advertise Celine's nomination for the World Music Awards in these categories:
WMA Artist
WMA Video
WMA Entertainer
WMA Live Act
WMA Song
WMA Album

~ @MuhaMasoud