‘Loved Me Back To Life’ Digital Album on Sale at Amazon

2014/07/19 6:00PM Canada (English)

Add Loved Me Back To Life’ to your digital music collection! Get the entire album for $6.99 at the Amazon Mp3 store!

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I have deluxe and vinyl as well! Love it! The vinyl was so much fun opening and looking at! Smile

I also have this in two versions, Vinyl and Deluxe Laughing out loud
it is my second favorite album while A New Day Has Come is my first Laughing out loud
these are my top favorite songs from LMBTL Laughing out loud
Thank You
Somebody Loves Somebody
Always Be Your Girl
Open Arms
Unfinished Songs (CD Version)
Lullaby (Goodnight My Angel)
How Do You Keep The Music Playing
Loved Me back To Life
At Seventeen
Water and a Flame
Laughing out loud
I love you so much Celine Laughing out loud

Hahaha, I already have the CD in two different versions (deluxe edition and Japan edition), I think that will do Laughing out loud Wink