‘Loved Me Back To Life’ Certified Gold And A New Single in the UK!

2013/12/02 4:00AM Canada (English)

Celine's new album ‘Loved Me Back To Life’ has been certified gold in the UK, just three weeks after its release! The album is still among the Top 10 on the Official Albums Chart. Following the success of the first single “Loved Me Back To Life”, the powerful and soulful track “Breakaway” is the second single in the UK. “Breakaway” is already this week’s ‘Record Of The Week’ on BBC Radio 2!

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Please, all we need be patient with video!

Let´s Celine recover the breath!

She recently ended her concerts in Europe with all these infinite interviews and shows. Give her a time a little bit!

I think they stay already on this process...



Another fantastic song/single without music video?!

I love you Celine! You need more singles and video clips to be heard all around the world!

I agree a music video would be fantastic she released video clips for her french album now for us english fans that are eagerly waiting


Only in the UK? Why? It should be released all over the world.

No music videos for this album? Why? There are amazing songs in this album which deserve amazing music videos. "Loved me back to life" should have a wonderful music video.

The following songs should be released as singles all over the world:

Somebody loves somebody
Always be your girl
Unfinished songs

And a music video for each of them should be released.

i totally agree with you. it's very disappointing because they gave more emphasis to her French recording than the English recording as i have noticed several years ago.

Two Basis that i have noticed which contributes a lot in promoting an album:
1. Since 1 Fille & 4 Types no French singles has been released without any music videos unlike the English recording (Sans Attendre has 3 Music Videos for all of its 3 singles).
2. Special TV Airing always goes to the French albums like D'elles TV Special, Sans Attendre TV Special, among others (some credits for TV Special for Taking Chances in 2007)

Congrats! It's incredible song as You Celine!

I Love You Celine,
Neli, Bulgaria ♥

Music video! Though I doubt we'll get it. The music is great but there has been a huge lack of english music support and promotion (this is not the right word I truly want but something to do with making fans happy and providing quality bla blah bla) . We've been let down a lot with singles and videos ever since Taking chances. It's getting hard to be a fan these days, an english one anyway. Great music... but sadly lacking in fan satisfaction... or something like this. yupp.. sad. And the vevo track isn't even available in the US for this new single.. Sad again. Simple disappointed. :/

I hope to see the MUSIC VIDEO soon...
Can't wait to see it...




CONGRATULATIONS CELINE I AM SOOOOO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!! Laughing out loud but why cant you release this as a single in the US too or the rest of the world Break away is the best song on the album!
every single one of her new songs are AMAZING but I have to admit I have became OBSSESSED with Breakaway Thank You and Always Be Your Girl Smile I AM AMAZED every time I hear Celine sing her new incredible songs, I get the chills goose bumps butterflies etc...!!!! and it makes me cry!!!!! I feel the same way about ALL the rest of her songs as well its just AMAZING how a person can have such talent!!!!! Laughing out loud please Celine release more singles world wide and not just in one place!!! your voice and your songs are just way too amazing!!!!!! and please release some music videos its been 6 years!
we all love you Celine Smile!!!!!


Yes, I agree with you guys, the only thing missing now is a music video!!! We're waiting impatiently! Smile

Music video!!!

Please videoclip!!

And also, what about the second single for the rest of the world?

Hush now... I see a light in the sky! A New Day Will Come

Release it worldwide!!!!!!!!!

Celine, please also release "Somebody Loves Somebody" as a single in the UK! Please, please, please!!! People here will love this fab song!

I love this album.

We love u all, Céline. And we´ll shout it out loud.

[b]Fantastic news.[/b]
In my country, Poland in Europe, certified gold after the first day.
I think it will create a video after performances in Europe in Paris...

I Love You Celine And I'm Proud Of It!

Why just in the UK?! release it in America too! Its soo GOOD
and make at least one music video!

Come on! Celine hasn't release an album in 6 years and not even 1 music video is released??