‘Deal of the Week’ at The Boutique: Let’s Talk About Love Songbook

2013/08/28 2:00AM Canada (English)

This week’s deal will appeal to singers and musicians: with the ‘Let’s Talk About Love Songbook’, you can sing along to Celine’s songs or play them on your piano or guitar. Music lovers, take advantage of the 25% discount and treat yourself to this fantastic songbook featuring the music, lyrics and photos from the extraordinary ‘Let’s Talk About Love’ album that produced amazing hits such as “My Heart Will Go On”, “Treat Her Like A Lady” and “Tell Him”, a duet with Barbra Streisand. Don’t miss out on this offer; visit The Boutique today!

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Dear synnews,

You do not need a discount code to purchase this item. Make sure you are logged into TeamCeline then click on The Boutique button found at the top right corner. Once there you can simply purchase the already discounted songbook.


There are still so many books CDs. DVDs etc... That I still want and I only have so much money lol Smile!!!!!!!

"I don't want to only sing for my fans,
I want to look at them, and I want to talk to them, have fun with them
and that's what my carrier's all about"
~ Céline
I love you so much Céline <3

The store at CP should be an educational experience,, about her and who she is and at the same time be directly related to this site. People should should see signs and info about what the CD fdtn is doing, learn about Cystic Fibrosis Canada, the Maman Dion fdtn; they should find bilingual everything Céline... which they will be looking for after a show which is bilingual at least ...and receive a small program with words to the French and English dongs with very good translations.... she should star I'm a movie about her life which includes footage from the CP shows that are more like the rehearsals: where the clothing reflects who the people really are and she is free to jam a bit live with the band and the boices.
The show is too edge in tech, in artistry, in her voice yo force to try to say everything at the end before it's over.
She deserves do much manifest respect by virtue of the global universal effects.
She deserves and we deserve to know her point of view via auto biographical movie . . . where it is made from to and with her ryes her eyes.
This won't be grammatically correct, but I tried yo tweet this from my twitter @rutan_rose :
Imaginez le magasin de Céline au Colloseum réfléchir son coeur pas son nom, être d'apprendre des choses comme la popularité universale et multi-langue et pourquoi...le magasin doit réfléchir qu'elle suis vraiment et centrale, pas périphérique ; les vêtements doivent dire des choses pour inspirer les gens qui apportent et qui regardent aussi, parler de sa famille, les choses importants de sa mère. Le spectacle dois réfléchir La Voix internationale, toutes sa carrière.
I had a great conversation with a man working at the store, did some reading and research for one painting in progress. . .and found out the photo of her and little R-C is actually from her sister Manon's wedding. . . from s book "Celine Beyond the Image".
Does she top hits in the show do that she can be out in the world visiting children and helping people?

...dans le maintenant de sa voix, je ne suis pas seule...
And I have a youtube / google profile "Denise Rose Rutan

Does anyone know where I find the discount code? I am trying to order the songbook, and I don't kow where to find the discount code. Smile

I am slowly building my library of all books related to Celine. I am thrilled to see this songbook at a discounted price! With so many popular tracks its a must-have for my collection. Yeah!!!!! The credit card is ready!!!!!

"Let's talk about love" was such a good album. That "once upon a time" when Celine granted us with daring tracks such as "why oh why" or "just a little bit of love" etc.

Which leads me to this late news about the new album.
I hope they postoned the release of "Loved me back to life" because of some new hot tracks that would improve the album. Otherwise, I would be very disappointed.

I don't know if you other fans follow the news about the album on twitter... Apparently, they just recorded the Choir part of a track to be on this upcoming called "Thankfully" only today...
which means the album is not even ready yet....
Still, they have 2 months left until the release...

I keep telling myself that I can wait a while longer as long as they don't give me some patchwork of lame covers of an album... I HAVE WAITED LONG ENOUGH, I DESERVE SOME QUALITY CHOICES OF SONGS. And I think we are heading there, Celine is a very demanding person, I believe in her, so I am quite relieved now that all those covers have been removed from the tracklists (or so I've heard... no more "overjoyed" or "water and flame" they say...).

I need brand new fresh songs!!! Like all those songs Celine used to record ever since I was born and am a fan of hers!

"Sans attendre" is such a good album, The concert "une seule fois" was just incredibly magnificent.
Celine is about to release one epic album....
I wish there were an impeccable communication and marketing around this project.
All this waiting in the silence is kind of unbearable at times.

I'm not throwing all this on Celine I would never do that I know none of this of this is Celine's fault and I know that what celine does and desides to do she does it because its best for her, her family and her schedule and that's the one of the many reasons why I love her so much Smile! she knows exactly how she needs to live her life and the point I was making before is that I wish team celine would keep us more in touch with what's going on with her new album is all Smile
I love celine a lot and for Celine and family wise and for the fact that Celine has done so much for us all I don't really care when she releases it i just would like team Celine to keep us more in touch with what is going on
<3 I love you so much Celine <3
And I apologize if I got a little out of control I just love Celine so much more than anything on this earth and I'm just so exited for Celine's new album and thank you Justin Matthew for saying what you said you are absolutely right and I couldn't agree with you more Wink!

"I don't want to only sing for my fans,
I want to look at them, and I want to talk to them, have fun with them
and that's what my carrier's all about"
~ Céline
I love you so much Céline <3

It doesn't matter when the new studio album will be released.
The most important thing for me is that Celine is healthy and has enough time for her family! We have no right to expect more from her as she already gave us much more than any other artist.

What???? They changed the release date to November now! This is really starting to get on my nerves!!!!!! I really wish team Celine would tell more of what's going on I can't even remember now when team Celine last mentioned something about her new album or une seule fois everyday I get so excited to see what team Celine posted next on this website I keep thinking ok its been long enough they have to have posted something about Celine's new album by now and it is so disappointing to see that something like this is posted instead! don't get me wrong or anything I just really think its about time team Celine starts letting us in on MORE information here about her album please team Celine we've been waiting since Novembe!!!!!!!
Thank You!

"I don't want to only sing for my fans,
I want to look at them, and I want to talk to them, have fun with them
and that's what my carrier's all about"
~ Céline
I love you so much Céline <3

i am so getting disappointed!!! the new english album has been postponed three times already, first is last year, followed by march 2013, then moved to october 2013, and now on november 2013! sooner or later we will all wake up one day hearing and reading that Rene would just announce the new album will be out on 2014! what a lame! we never get any decent updates and all we get is this bunch of accessories for sales, looking-back-to-songs short articles, and etc...Celine management we are sure that you guys are doing something but hopefully you would let us feel that you are really indeed doing something!