‘Deal of the Week’ at The Boutique

2013/07/30 3:00AM Canada (English)

The Je t’aime encore Cropped T-shirt is the not-to-be-missed ‘Deal of the Week’ at The Boutique. Now’s the time to get this great vintage t-shirt at 25% off. Hurry, this special offer ends soon, check-out The Celine Dion Boutique today!

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instead of all this boutique stuff, please bring some important news.


that's cool! Smile but right now I would like to hear more about what's going on with Celine's concert in Quebec. is it going to be made into a DVD/Blueray is it going to be broadcasted in the U.S.A whats going on ever since the second her concert was over on the 27th ive been checking out this website literally every 10 minutes to see if anything is posted or said about it!!!!! and so far all I've heard was that its being broad casted in SOME parts of the world which is un fair to everyone else in the OTHER parts of this world like the U.S.A (which is where I Live) don't forget about us there's a lot of Celine fans here too!!!!! we would like the chance to see it too. many fans on this website feel exactly the way I do they want to see the concert as well very badly!!! so please listen to us fans we don't want to be left out please Broadcasted it in the U.S.A and the other places as well and please make a DVD/Blueray of it as well!!!!!
thank you!