‘Celine… Une seule fois’ On D8

2013/12/05 4:00AM Canada (English)

Spend Christmas time with Celine! French channel D8 will broadcast ‘Céline… Une seule fois’, Celine’s exceptional July 27 concert on the Plains of Abraham in Quebec City, on December 25 at 8:50pm. What a great Christmas gift!

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We are waiting for DVD!
It's amazing concert. Wink

I Love You Celine And I'm Proud Of It!

We're waiting for ‘Celine… Une seule fois’ on CD+DVD!


Can you put subtitles in English when you put it on YouTube please. I can't stand it when I don't know what you are saying and despite my best efforts my French is not good Sad x

Belle32 UK fan for over 20yrs <3

And what about fans in Russia!!!! Why do fans in Russia are ignored???Can if anyone explain to me why the us Celine never arrive???


Une belle nouvelle!!! Hourrah!!! Nous regarderons avec toute la famille. Superb!!!

Dear, Leah-M_ILuvUCelineD... don´t be sad, don´t worry, they will think about. Only we need to wait a little... Good luck


Well what about everyone else Sad why can't it be released as a DVD????? This is so unfair to the rest of us!!!! Sad it was mostly the non French speaking people who weren't able to go to the concert anyway!! Sad we've all been kept waiting for almost half a year in hopes for a DVD before Christmas and I heard somewhere that that was what was suppost to happen and I was so excited!!!!!
Well anyway I hope all you French fans enjoy it and Have a happy Christmas Smile