‘Céline… une seule fois’: Limited Tickets In Sections A & B On Sale Tomorrow!

2013/06/14 5:00AM Canada (English)

A limited number of tickets in sections A and B for Celine’s concert on the Plains of Abraham in Quebec will go on sale tomorrow at 10am. These tickets, originally set aside for production, have just been released and will be available for purchase on the Billetech network, at www.billetech.com, at various ticket outlets and by calling toll free at 1-877-643-8131 or 1-800-900-SHOW. Tickets are still available in sections C, D and E.

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Ils ont effacé les commentaires... Ils ne veulent pas que les gens soient au courant de ce manque de respect et ne veulent pas laisser les gens s'exprimer.
Pas fort...

*on ne va pas payer vos 20.000 billets qui n'ont pas été vendus...
Tout le monde est déjà au courant... ♥

They've erased my comments. They don't want people to know about this big lack of respect and they don't wanna let people express themselves either.
That's the way it is...

*we won't pay for your 20.000 tickets that haven't been sold.
Everybody already knows it... ♥

I want to go in this show :-/